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Reality Check: Are sequestration cuts as big as congress and White House are making them out to be?

Gov't is so good at their job they wait until the last day to get things done to show off.

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It's actually taking our military and support into slavery

furloughing 800K people working for the military and it's support, rather than cut to spending on weapons and their support, is actually designed to do what? Save money? How does furloughing 800K people save money?

Can a person in the military or signed onto contracts with the military quit their contract with the government and find work in the private sector? Are there attorney's to fight (it appears that we do not, the attorneys are the first to jump into the pork barrel of politics and why we have a problem).

What am I seeing in the still? What are those flags around that building? What building is that? What am I looking at? A shot of the pentegon, Nato?

Dog and pony,

bread and circus shows for the masses. In whatever manufactured crisis, congress always saves the day at the last minute. Yawn. Boring. lol

yes and no. Congress

yes and no. Congress certainly loves a crisis, but more and more Americans know they are being jobbed. Most just have no clue how. Watching any Oath Keeper video makes it pretty clear that Americans by and large have their heads in the sand, but things are so perverted and Washington politicians so scummy that even without using their eyes and ears most Americans can tell these guys are working them over.

So, bread & circus shows for the masses? Definitely.

Congress always saves the day? I'd bet only a very very small % of the nation would agree with that statement at current. Which is almost a starting point for actual change in our nation...except many red/blue Americans are willing to think congress' failure is due to their color not beating the opposite color. They keep supporting their color and hope the other party disappears & that maybe their color will then be less terrible statesman.

Thus Americans know DC sucks, and that their own parties suck; but they think it is from poor execution and not from fundamental flaws in each parties thinking - that needs to change before we can ever get on a new path.

Sometimes it feels like a

Sometimes it feels like a zero sum game on Government spending. If we ever let Government spending increase, and the government creates Keynesian jobs as a result, they can always fall back on those jobs, regardless of their effectiveness or if they actually contribute to wealth creation, and say that that person would be UNEMPLOYED if this spending is cut. So this continues for several years and what we are left with is a massive corporate welfare system. Contractors and social services jobs that have built large companies and networks of jobs created from tax money and serving no useful purpose to society, but by God they are jobs none the less. If you ever dare to regain that lost tax revenue and send it back to the people you are chastised and excoriated for wanting to 'destroy jobs' and the livelihood of the communities built around tax funded economies. It stinks :(

Southern Agrarian

It's interesting how the private sector

Can be over taxed, over regulated and beat down by this recession and it's OK, but the moment government has to cut anything it's treated like the end of the world.

Sequestration will be a huge problem if

they use it as the excuse to kill the dollar.

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