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Earth changes. What do you think is going on?

I am going to present several articles / videos, and direct your attention to a couple things that I am watching. If you are familiar with these events already, feel free to skip the associated links. If you are not, please dig a little deeper than just my link, get yourself "up to speed" before commenting. I am not trying to make anyone "believe" anything, I am pointing to events, and asking the folks here what they are thinking about these issues. They are potentially more important than any politics, yet there is very little discussion going on, here or anywhere.

I want to start with my "eye witness" report. We went to pick up some hay last week, and the rancher said he is having trouble with his calves, they just won't thrive. His herd had just started calving, and he had already lost 5. He said he usually does not lose that many in a year, and he said all the ranchers he talks to are saying the same thing, cows and sheep. Those of you in agricultural communities - are you hearing / seeing anything similar?

Here is another question for the ag folks: What do locals say about GMO? Organic is on the rise locally, although there is a sense of resignation to GMOs. There is an article out this morning saying farmers are getting worse yields with GMO than traditional. I'm going to ask around about that. Are you hearing anything like that on the ground?

Now, about the sinkholes... not just Louisiana, there are many: (This video is a good summary, his opinions are his own.)

And now this morning, this:

I won't link articles, I think you all know what I mean by:
Earthquakes - Haiti, Fukushima, Chile, etc.
This guy is getting really good at predicting "watches." This is today's vid, but you would have to review a couple weeks worth, or watch for a few weeks to appreciate what he is doing.

Volcanoes. I've been ashed once... that's enough. At first I wrote off claims of increased activity to better monitoring and the internet getting the word out. But I am seeing some pretty wild stuff. Have you seen this footage - 4 at once?!

Related article lists activity last month.

What do you think is going on with our pet rock?

And, our pet star? While the media bleats about solar kill shots, we are actually having an unusual dearth of sunspot activity. We NEED that activity... (see final paragraph.)
Huffpo bleats:
Actual observers have a different story to tell:

If you watched the Suspicious0bservers vid, you know the spots Huff puffed about already decayed. But... "Eyes open. No fear." ;)

My final topic is the magnetosphere. Sherrie has good questions and a good summary of the problem here:

I was watching the same thing she was. Try to click her link to that site. As this vital shield was collapsing, they shut down the web site. We need our magnetosphere, we need solar activity, and they are inextricably linked.

What do you think is going on?

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"Nothing that hasn't happened before."

Cataclysmic events have happened before.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You are right, they have. The

You are right, they have. The earth has been pelted with meteorites before and had ejections of lava and sulfuric gas. These are not new occurrences.

Southern Agrarian

Do you think there is an increase in activity?

And not to put you on the spot, but how old are you? I'm looking back over 51 years, and it seems like things are heating up, to me.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

25. 51 years is about 1

51 years is about 1 yoctosecond in geology time, it just isn't storing any inferable long term trends.

Southern Agrarian

Back to cataclysm.

Things can happen in a yoctosecond, or take millenia, or any time frame in between.

This backs up my observations.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.