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Add-on: "TransAfrica Highway" tours: Cape to Cairo, Tarmac to DFW

RE: Additional story-line to my first post "TransAfrica Highway to Hell"

"Cape to Cairo: Safari Favorite of Gold Smugglers Everywhere but Especially America! ;)"

Thanks to all for the pleasant feedback by the way.

The Smoking Gun:

I was working as a digital cartographer when The Sudan and South Sudan split, so I have an intimate understanding of the demarcated boundaries that the "world" acknowledges and those that the people of the countries acknowledge (it's part of the interactive mapMaker online for any interested.)

Here's another important wrinkle in the conversation: a proposed "Cape to Cairo" highway (which of course, is used to explain why there's so many meetings with foreign dignitaries along the gold and copper rich territories)

See: New Sudan Option (start in South Africa, through DRC/Uganda on upwards through Kenya to Ethiopia--whose piggy-back is Djibouti--back east toward [Northern] Sudan into South Sudan and so on...)

Here it is ladies and gents, the smoking gun: Your safari-goers will exit the "war-torn" nations on a......

"USA-funded tarmac road that will bring you to Juba within three hours"


Oh but then there's a new route, too, which needlessly starts from Uganda...perhaps right outside the National forest? Likely.

Which of course, coincides with premeditated gold-smuggling operations conducted routinely by America (along with the 5 non-rotating members of the UN Security Council.) Example, Southlake Aviation (here in North Texas) had a plane seized in the Congo (DRC) after TX resident, who happens to be a Nigerian born oil-man was caught smuggling $20million in gold out of Africa (with some cronies in the oil & diamond biz in tow.) I guess it's important to mention that this man was appointed by President Obama to be on the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiation. (Some negotiator, right.)

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