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Elisa Lam Identified By Body Markings On

....her wrist, perhaps?


What does Oscar Pistorious have to do with all of this? South Africa and China are the "zero patients" mentioned...


Is she out there somewhere and this is how the narrative switches to water treatment and "protection" like a "authorized government personnel only"?

Anyone too lazy to look at the links, let me sum up: ELISA LAM is the acronym for a urine test for TB and/or HIV mentioned alongside the many test cases in South Africa. The National Post is reporting (what other publications have also reported and brushed off as nothing) that there IS a TB outbreak in South Africa, one type of strand has a Beihing genotype.

Notice how they recovered all sorts of "drugs" from Pistorious' home in South Africa. They haven't told us any information about the young girl who went missing other than they allegedly found her boy and identified her by body markings.

Can anyone put this together?

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ELISA tests can be used for lots of different things...

allergies, drug testing. They used to use it for HIV and probably still do in Africa. I only worked with it when I was in college in my MLT lab and you usually use serum instead of urine. The only things I've recently seen using it was for food allergies, but I haven't worked in immunology departments, so I'm not sure how often it is used. I work in large clinical labs and hospitals and they use machines.

Did they find ELISA Immunoassay tests in his home? If so, it was to drug test himself.