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Has a blogger/commenter ever actually changed your mind about something you were firm on?

There are so many disagreements flushed into the interwebs. I guess I would just like to see some evidence that occasionally some wisdom does seep in. Or are we all just walls bouncing balls back and forth against each other?

(By "blogger" I mean any average person posting their comments/thoughts to blogs/forums...)

Edit: added to include "comments"

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you cahnged my mind aboutthe rold the GOP plays because you shared with me your areas councils, and it's so corrupt, ot healped me really appreciate the one I have.

This being MN's blog, yes, of course, I went from a LP/Indy to elected republican.

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And not just bloggers, but the comments in the blogs. They can have a profound effect.

That's the whole reason I keep this thing up. You never know what is going to turn who on.

When the student is ready, the teacher will come. Even if that teacher comes in the form of an anonymous comment in response to an anonymous blogger.

He's the man.

good to hear.

Actually, those influenced by comments is what I would find the most inspiring. Since that is what really sets this medium apart from the others. (Edited original question to include that)


I started visiting Vox Days Blog, Vox popoli (voxday.blogspot.com/) back in 2004, I was new to politics and leaning towards the Neo-Cons but he turned me on to libertarianism, Dr Paul and Austrian economics as well as a lot of other things... but caution, he holds no punches and if you are a liberal or atheist you pretty much dont stand a chance there- he is very blunt but he has good points and as is able at times (not always) to see things very objectively, maybe more so than anyone else I read on the web which is why I am always interested in his opinion on things - check him out


My whole view toward interest/involvement has changed drastically since I started participating in forums some 12 or so years ago. That was before the Daily Paul of course, and there wasn't much of real value, but those political forums got me thinking. I started with the attitude that nothing could be done, there was nothing for me to do, it was just for entertainment and kind of interesting philosophically and socially. I could see the fake left/right divide in a way that was not exposed in personal interaction. (You certainly miss some things, but you can get other things.)

I'm still a little skeptical about the level of influence it has in the overall direction of society. BUT I've come to the conclusion that there is no hope to change the direction of society other than one person at a time, and it's exceedingly rare that there is any change at all anywhere else. So, I'd like to see more change, but this is to a large extent the only game in town for a lot of people.

Having said that, face-to-face networks that have arisen directly through forums or relate indirectly to them, especially the Daily Paul, are now becoming more influential (for me and others) too.

Also, reading some good books can make a difference.

Boston's Gun Bible
Hologram of Liberty (both by Boston T. Party)
Anything by Ron Paul or Wendell Berry
The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larkin Rose

For kicks...

The first forum I remember participating in had Culpeper in the title. Maybe the "Culpeper blog" or something like that, or maybe that was before the term "blog" existed. It must have been a reference to the Culpeper Minute Company. I had no idea who the Culpeper Minute Men were at the time, but I know now.

You asked, so it ain't braggin'

I THINK my comments at whatreallyhappened helped make Rivero aware of the SSRI - mass shooting connection, which he now champions like a champ. He has never told me that, but the timing is why I think I influenced him. That was just commenting on his stuff, before I even posted there.
I know I have been told many, many times that I helped to wake someone up. Usually about once a week, I get an email from a dailypaul user saying they see something differently for my posts.
Why do you think I hang out here so much? You people have been warned about feeding trolls, but stroking truthers has consequences, too.

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