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Top 8 Reasons Why Judge Andrew Napolitano Should Run For Governor Now (And Then For President in 2016)

If you want to support a Judge Andrew Napolitano bid for Governor of New Jersey in 2013 please like and share this Facebook page:


A large number of people have been talking about backing Judge Andrew Napolitano for President in 2016. I absolutely support this idea however I think if we wait that long and stick to that single goal we will miss out on another opportunity with the Judge that we have in front of us right now.

I think that we should ask the Judge to run for Governor of New Jersey for the upcoming Nov 5th, 2013 election. That’s about nine months away.

I believe that Judge Andrew Napolitano should run for Governor of New Jersey in 2013 for the following reasons:

1.) A Governor has a much greater chance of winning the Presidency. The Judge has many great credentials under his belt right now but politician is not yet one of them. If he were to become Governor of NJ it would add a massive amount of credibility to his bid for President.

2.) Why wait until 2016 to campaign for the Judge? Why not get started now? By being in the electoral game the press will act as a magnifier in terms of name recognition and exposure for the Judge. There is no better way to build name recognition than to have tens of millions of dollars worth of publicity provided for free by the mainstream media. Think of a bid for Governor as (at the very least) a massive publicity campaign to help the Judge win NOW or LATER.

3.) We have a much greater chance of electing a Governor than we do a President. Just imagine if our entire R3volution focused its energy into just one state for the next ten months. Saturation in marketing (making sure people see the same message over and over again) is much easier to achieve in a limited geographical area. Grassroots efforts like sign waves would have much more impact because they would reach a greater percentage of the population as compared to a national level.

4.) It’s good practice for our movement to work with the Judge in this way. We’ll learn his strengths and weaknesses as a candidate and will have practical experience in learning how to overcome his weaknesses and magnify his strengths. We’ll need that kind of experience if we’re going to win the Presidency in 2016.

5.) The Judge has publicly stated he would not run for President in 2016. Whatever the reason, do we want to pass up an election he could win now by hoping for something that may not be available to us in the future? I can’t help but think of that saying about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush.

6.) Judge Andrew Napolitano is well known in New Jersey and has a lot of relationships in that limited geographical area that I’m sure he could put to good use in a political campaign. If we stick to New Jersey that would mean the Judge could call on his strong network with great impact at the local level. Any support he could muster based on his influence in New Jersey would be massively diluted in a campaign for President and so would be much less effective.

7.) You say you want to End the Fed? Forget about the audit and forget about abolishing it. Instead, let’s attack it at its monopoly. The Judge could allow for competitive currencies (including something like bitcoin), remove taxes from “capital gains” on gold and silver (nullifying Federal law), and set up a state issued gold backed dollar. People would drop Federal Reserve notes and run to the states gold backed sound money currency. The New Jersey economy would improve greatly and the example would be set for the rest of the states in the nation. Unless I’m not seeing things correctly, this would put a crack in the wall that would grow large and ultimately devastate the Federal Reserve system.

8.) As Governor of New Jersey The Judge could also:

- Nullify the TSA

- Nullify the Patriot Act

- Nullify the drug war

- Nullify Obamacare

- Nullify any Federal gun control laws; past, present and future

- Legalize Hemp production/farming and bring hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars into the New Jersey economy

- Block all unconstitutional drone surveillance

- Undo the militarization of the police department and push for accountability for police brutality

- Arrest and jail any Federal agents that illegally entered the State of New Jersey with the intent to violate any of its laws…and the list goes on and on.

As Governor, Judge Andrew Napolitano could fulfill Ron Paul’s goal of getting rid of all the Federal departments.

And I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you want to support a Judge Andrew Napolitano bid for Governor of New Jersey in 2013 please like and share this Facebook page:

I hope you will share your thoughts. I’d very much like to hear your input, in favor or against this idea of drafting The Judge.

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This article and the comments to it will show how things are

in NJ for Christie:

The good news is that some people are waking up here in the Garden State.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

The Office of the President

The Office of the President is an antiquated notion based on ancient military ideologies. Abolish the State.

Ultra Ron Paul Supporter State Senator Michael Dougherty

There are a few other points to consider when thinking about drafting Napolitano for Senate.

There was talk of State Senator Mike Dougherty running for the US Senate in the past and in the next election. If he runs, Napolitano would step aside because Dougherty is a strong Ron Paul supporter. He is a proven vote getter in his district (but not necessarily the entire state). On the other hand, Napolitano is not proven, he never got elected to anything.

Dougherty was the only NJ State Legislator to endorse Ron Paul for President and he did it both times. He also introduced Ron Paul when Paul spoke to a huge crowd in Philadelphia. He also brought Ron Paul to Trenton to speak in front of the State House when Christie was in the Midwest raising money for Romney.

While I think that Napolitano would gain more needed national support than Dougherty, the nomination would go to Dougherty if he wanted it. And he would be a good US Senator if he could eke out a win, somehow. But, remember, this is NJ.

If Dougherty decided not to run, then the race would be wide open.

Besides the Lautenberg seat, there is also a possibility that US Senator Menendez might resign. If that happened, that would allow both Napolitano and Dougherty to run. And wouldn't it be cool if the Peoples Republic of NJ elected two liberty senators?

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Gotta disagree with you, GeneLouis.

The Judge most definitely has the statewide name recognition in NJ and Dougherty doesn't. Yes, I would vote for Dougherty and encourage everyone else to do so, too. But, the reality is that Judge Napolitano has a much better chance than Dougherty.

That being said, I suspect there will be 2 Senate seats opening up. Can Menendez survive his current ethics problem, without Lautenberg protecting his back? I doubt it. He couldn't have gotten elected without Lautenberg's backing (i.e. Diebold). So, why not go for the jackpot and get both Dougherty and Napolitano to DC. What a great triumph for the R3VOLution that would be!!!!

I read your reply below. We met once and you are not working in NJ. So... let me guess. Were you the wonderful speaker at that meeting where (by some miracle) our people showed up from every voting district in the State? If so, I do remember you very well. I met so many good people in Hightstown that it's hard for this old broad to remember them, without seeing their faces. Thanks for the clue, though. It eliminated several people from my mind as possibly being GeneLouis. I just hate it when I can't connect a name with a face. LOL.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Trevor Lyman's picture

Based on the feedback given

Based on the feedback given here I've updated the page to a 'Draft The Judge For U.S. Senate' effort. Thank you for your help. I'll continue to ask for it as this progresses and I also want to thank everyone at the DailyPaul (Michael Nystrom and others) for providing this place for invaluable feedback. It is much appreciated!

International Bitcoin Day - What if everyone in the world used bitcoin for a day?

Napolitano is a bachelor

Napolitano is a bachelor, which is quite a vulnerability in an era when the smiling families of politicians are an essential asset in securing election. Napolitano has no family to bring to political rallies, to appear behind him at press conferences, etc., which would only be met with strong suspicion. Many on this very website have speculated that Napolitano is not only a bachelor but a confirmed bachelor who takes little interest in the fair sex. There is, to my recollection, at least one man on the Internet who has claimed to have known him in his early days as a lawyer in New Jersey to fraternize after work at bar that attracts men seeking each other's companionship beyond the intimacy of friendship.

Personally, I do not care whether these rumors are true. By all accounts, Napolitano is a man of substantial religious feeling; one of his most recent columns was written on the subject of the Roman Pontiff's resignation, containing very heartfelt remarks on the pontificates of the late John Paul II and on the tenure and character of the present pope. He favors the traditional Latin Mass and appears to be a very serious Catholic, describing his observance as "Pre-Vatican II." I suspect, and I realize I am stepping far outside the bounds of prudence in engaging in such speculation, that Napolitano is a pious, celibate homosexual. As a Christian, I regard celibacy as an obligation for those people who experience exclusively same-sex desire, but this would be toxic in today's political environment. One the one hand, he would be dismissed on account of his homosexuality; on the other, he would be dismissed on account of his actions and beliefs which suggest that actively engaging in homosexual sodomy is inherently disordered and unnatural. This baggage, if it is there, would certainly doom a Napolitano candidacy.

Trevor Lyman's picture

I think this your comment is

I think this your comment is in very poor taste on many levels and irrelevant.

Because the Judge is single it must mean he is gay is like saying because the Judge is Italian he must be in the mob and he must have killed people. Very lame. And to say someone can't win an election because they are gay is even worse.

International Bitcoin Day - What if everyone in the world used bitcoin for a day?

As a non-religious

I view Napolitano's traditional religious views as negative. It is the same views that first Americans were trying to escape by leaving Europe behind. Rationalization of the dogma does not replace reason.

So long as his views remain

So long as his views remain in accordance to the constitution, what does it matter?



+1 for this line:

"Legalize Hemp production/farming and bring hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars into the New Jersey economy."

We need to focus on this!

"Hemp for Victory!"

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Trevor Lyman's picture

Some great points made for a

Some great points made for a Senate run instead. I hadn't realized Christie's approval ratings were so high. I also didn't know The Judge was so well known in NJ. I'm not sure if losing as Governor would hurt his chances for Senate but it isn't too early (might even be the perfect time) for him to start campaigning as a Senator so I can see the argument for staying at one thing for a longer period of time to help insure success.

Some are arguing that The Judge doesn't want to go into politics but I think I remember he sounded pretty amicable when rumors were floating around about a VP running mate slot. I think it's a matter of showing support and then he'll do it - just a hunch.

International Bitcoin Day - What if everyone in the world used bitcoin for a day?

Christi's approval ratings aren't high BUT

the news says they are. We all know about Gallup Polls (rigged).

I hope the Judge runs, though. I should write him in for WA Attorney General.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Hopefully, the Judge reads DP and sees

our comments on this post. He'd have plenty of support from the very large Italian-American communities here, as well as from many others who embrace freedom, should he choose to run for the Senate.

Don't forget that Christie is only half Irish. The other half is Sicilian. Don't mess with Sicilians. Besides, despite all the hate towards Gov. Christie coming from DPers and liberals, he really is the best governor we've had here in a V E R Y long time. NJ is in a financial mess. Sandy didn't help matters, either. Overall, Christie ain't bad for NJ. Too bad he has to play the role of a neocon, though. Would the Judge or someone else be better as governor? Sure. But trying to get someone better at this point would be an exercise in futility. This is New Jersey, not middle America. It's hard for people outside of the NY metro area to understand the way things are here. Drastic political change isn't going to come here so quickly nor so overtly.

Care to chime in, GeneLouis?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Your Opinions Are Good

Noona - It sounds like you have a good understanding of NJ politics. Apparently, all of those hours in Hightstown for Ron Paul have paid off.

As you said, a person would have had to work in a NJ statewide campaign to understand why Christie is so popular in NJ. As far as most people can see, there is no other Republican who can win a statewide election in that state. Although Christie is no Ron Paul, he is the best that NJ can get from voters at this time. I would go as far as saying that he is the best that NJ has had in forty years.

I participated in two different draft campaigns in my life. Here is roughly how it could work for Napolitano...

The idea is to create a "Committee to Draft Napolitano for Senate". You would then be allowed to raise money and campaign on behalf of the committee. No permission or involvement would be needed from the desired candidate because this is a draft campaign designed to persuade the person to become a candidate.

Then you would get about 2,000 signatures to put him on the ballot. Now the hard part. You would send a delegation of reporters and supporters to visit him and hand him the ballot access.

If you can persuade him to sign the petition, he would be on the ballot. If he accepts, however, somebody better put together a campaign quickly.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Well, I certainly loved meeting everyone in Hightstown but,

I knew more than a little something about NJ politics long before that! I didn't say that a person "would have had to work in a NJ statewide campaign to understand" anything. A person would just have to spend a few years here to "get it".

Did I meet you, too, GeneLouis? Were you at NJ HQ? Whatever happened to Neil's idea of making it NJ Liberty HQ?

I really like your suggestion to create a Committee to Draft. NJ HQ would be a great place to get that started. Unfortunately, I would not be able to attend, since circumstances at home prevent me from doing much of anything right now, much less traveling anywhere. But, I would be happy to get signatures on such a petition.

As far as reporters, I'd start with Paul Mulshine. He's one of us. As to where to find the Judge, that's a different issue. Maybe someone from Seton Hall Law School would know how to contact him.

Hey, it's worth a try, no?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

One thing That We Forgot

I met you once -briefly - in Hightstown. I am not doing much in NJ.

We forgot about the only state legislator in NJ who endorsed Ron Paul - Mike Dougherty. He might want to run for the US Senate although he would not get the national support that Napolitano would. See my 2-24-2013 comments above.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

LIBERTY2ME's picture

I would love for the judge to

I would love for the judge to run for president. but people keep turning thier head to a very important pc to the puzzle. The voting system is rigged. 98% of the poeple could vote for the sam person but the other candidate would still win. They know how to change our votes. i truly beleive that in addition to supporting good poeple like the judge, we need to find a way to make voting "our" way and not rules that are made up by the very poeple running for office.

Does anyone know how to do this? Where to start?

Andrew Napoletano,

like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Senator Lee, Senator Cruz and others, supports the State of Israel. In 1981, Ron Paul was one of few US representatives who supported Israeli's strike on Iraqi's nuclear plant. US government was against the strike because USA was busy arming Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

Judge Napolitano on record: "Israel Is a Sovereign Country ... It Can Attack Iran On Its Own ." (at 4:00)

President Judge aint gonna happen

The Judge is on Rand's team. He get's it.

Trevor Lyman's picture

I agree with you. At least

I agree with you. At least not in 2016.

For any who missed it there is a link in the article to a youtube interview with the Judge saying he won't run for President in 2016. He sounds very serious to me.

International Bitcoin Day - What if everyone in the world used bitcoin for a day?

top reason he

top reason he shouldnt:

because he doesn't want to and isn't going to.

that was my first thought too..

I do not believe the Judge wants to be in politics.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

No way!

He's a catholic suckup!

I 100%

unequivocally agree. Rand step aside and let a real hero of liberty take over the movement and nomination.

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

One Way To Do It

I already wrote this in response to Trevor, but I want to clarify.

Yes, it could be useful to draft the Judge.

But it would be better to become an ally of Christie rather than fighting him.

The effort should concentrate on persuading Christie to appoint Napolitano as acting Senator if the current Senator Menendez resigns this year.

If Judge Nap were appointed interim Senator and ran a heavy ground-roots, Ron Paul style campaign with heavy national assistance, the Judge would have a shot at winning the special election. In fact, that is the only way that the Judge would have a chance at winning statewide in NJ.

But Christie needs to be lobbied immediately so that he would have Napolitano in mind for the job. It would take heavy lobbying with phone calls, snail mail, email, billboards, flyers, belly to belly lobbying, etc. If we can show Christie how he can become even MORE popular, he might open up his mind. If we can show Christie how Napolitano would be the only Republican with a chance to win a Senate election in NJ, he might listen.

I can see no other way that Napolitano could win a statewide NJ election in the foreseeable future.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

I like the judge

and I DON'T like Christie.


have you seen Christie's approval ratings? They are very high. Its very unlikely they would be wanting to elect someone else.
Just being honest here.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Christie is the Most Popular Governor in America

I have been involved with NJ politics since the 1960's and was heavily involved in the primary and general election where Christie beat Corzine. I did not support Christie at that time and saw, first hand, how he was able to surmount major political obstacles to win.

NJ is a Democratic stronghold, often referred to as "The Peoples Republic of NJ". Even so, Republican Christie is the most popular governor in America and also the most popular polled governor in NJ since the poll was started. He is also the only Republican in NJ who can win a statewide election. His approval rating among Republicans is 93%. The Republicans are not going to give the nomination to anyone else.

If you think that Ron Paul needed a miracle to win the White House, Napolitano would need an intervention by Jesus himself to win Trenton. Even if Jesus intervened, it would still be almost impossible to win NJ because the voting majority would reject Jesus.

Although I agree that Napolitano should win something smaller than the White House before going for the big job, forget about NJ Governor this year.

The Republicans are looking for sacrificial lambs to run for Senate, so maybe there would be a better shot at the Senate.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Napolitano For Governor - Great idea!

It's a great idea for all the reasons you mentioned, and I'd like to add one: 9.) The judge would then be a member of the National Governor's Association, providing a strong and reasoned voice for states' rights.

"The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) develops innovative solutions to today’s most pressing public policy challenges and is the only research and development firm that directly serves the nation’s governors."

"The mission of NGA Office of Federal Relations is to ensure governors’ views are represented in the shaping of federal policy. Policy positions, reflecting governors’ principles on priority issues, guide the association’s work to influence federal laws and regulations."

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Interesting. While I clearly

Interesting. While I clearly think the Judge would be great, I saw an article on Drudge today saying that Christie has a 74% approval rating, the highest any NJ governor has had in like 20 yrs.