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There is something funny about the report WalMart just released.

Here is the best quote:
"...families adjust to a reduced paycheck and increased gas prices," Simon said"
Got that? You will adjust. Simon says. lol!
More context:
"We are confident that our low prices will continue to resonate, as families adjust to a reduced paycheck and increased gas prices," Simon said. "We see the underlying health of the Walmart U.S. business is sound, and sales trends are similar to what we've demonstrated in the last few quarters. However, February sales started slower than planned, due in large part, to the delay in income tax refunds."

I am intrigued that Wal-Mart, that often heralded example of American entrepreneurial spirit, the poster child for modern "free market" capitalism... is counting on tax refunds.
My husband also has a good job in the "private sector" - health care. Take away Medicare and Medicaid, and he is unemployed.
So much of this economy is now strung up on the government web... something is going to snap.

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It's called a debt-end

The economy will collapse if the government stops profligate spending; the dollar will collapse if the government keeps profligate spending.


My go-to all-inclusive one-stop-shope is Meijer. I try and avoid shopping at Walmart; I think the only product I'd buy from them is ammunition, if there's a big enough discount.


Part of the problem!

I heard recently that Wal Mart was given some sort of hidden tax advantage from the very beginning to put mom and pops out of business. If so, it would seem to be part of the clever agenda of the sickos to put US under. I never have liked that place for some reason and maybe my 6th sense was right. I'm learning to avoid them and, in so doing, am finding pleasure in doing business with local people like me. If there is even a chance that cheaper prices lead to tyranny, I'd rather pay the higher price of being free and being me than pay the lower price of oppression. I'm through paying for them to play! We must stand for something, or we will fall for anything.

I think that what you are

I think that what you are saying is prescient. In other words, you have the right idea, you are on to the corruption.

I hope that snap

is the rEVOLution enabling people to create jobs and businesses, doing what the government promised.

If you live in TX, shop at H.E.B. it's local/state

China doesn't need our money. And if you shop at H.E.B., try and buy all the products that are made in Texas. There are tons of Texas made foods there.


Is taking a bite out of Walmart in my town.

Money talks and dogs bark

Aldi is great! I go there

Aldi is great!

I go there specifically to buy Benton's Home Style Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I have not heard

of Aldi. Is it a new store?

They've been around...

Here for at least 20 years...

It is one of the essential features of such incompetence that the person so afflicted is incapable of knowing that he is incompetent. To have such knowledge would already be to remedy a good portion of the offense.


I like the way they do their flyer on the website.

Sounds like a professional company.

Hopefully the can take a bite out of the competition lol


Not at all. They have

Not at all. They have locations mainly in the midwest and east coast with a handful in the south. I don't believe there are any in the west.

There are none in the West.

I tried my zip code, nothing.