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Get The Federal Government Out Of Education

"With Obama's recent proposals to expand early education opportunities, anyone interested in the facts has to look at the Federal Government's track record when it comes to schools. It's no coincidence that as the Federal government continues to expand its role in the education of America's children, more and more people are becoming concerned over the falling educational standards in our country. This begs the question: does increased government spending or involvement in education lead to better results for our students?

No, it doesn't.

The chart below shows that while Federal spending per student has increased almost 200% since 1970, the reading, writing, and mathematical abilities of our students has stagnated. Government apologists can't even blame a lack of local spending on the failure of public schools. Since 1970, local spending has increased almost 150% per student."

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Get the federal government out of everything. They work for US!

Stand up! BE the creator the Creator created you to BE! These people work for us! We The People are the BOSS! STAND UP! We are all born with a natural sense of what is right and what is wrong! Look inside yourself, Learn WHO you are! BE in the world, not of the world. We The People are the only ones who can make the change! The powers that were have no power without US! STOP SUPPORTING THEM!