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L Graham "We've Killed 4700 People With Drone Strikes! Sometimes We Hit Innocents & I Hate That"

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Fiat Terrorist

Stanford University and New York University published their 'Living Under Drones' report last September, they found that only about 2 percent of drone casualties are top militant leaders.

So, according to Graham's numbers, we've killed 94 members of Al-Qaeda, and 4,606 "innocent people" (Graham's own words), lets say those innocent people had, I don't know, 5 close friends and family that really got pissed about all this. So now we've created 23,030 new people who hate America and are easily recruited by Al-Qaeda by killing 94 Al-Qaeda leaders, sounds about like government work to me.

The worst senator.

Graham is the worst.

Senator, if u hate the

Senator, if u hate the killing of innocents so much why support the program? U know God forbid that China has predator drones flying in our skies. Then you'd really hate it.

Senate thespian Lindsey "Beauregard" Graham

is a pig.

Last night on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show", Stewart did a hilarious impersonation of Graham:

Then he continues on with McCain: