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We Need a Liberty Minded Contestant on American Idol

You know how many people watch this show? Its unreal. A finalist on this show that maybe came out every week with a different liberty message on their clothing or something.....maybe subtle at first - an RP inked somewhere or the name Mises or more bold END THE FED - scrawled on a T shirt in an exacto marker......

I remember Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam doing unplugged years ago and in the middle of a song he scrawled PRO CHOICE on his arm in marker

I am pro life - so I dont agree with that position at all - but I admire the ingenuity of using the venue and viewership to disseminate a message

AND WE NEED TO DO THAT BETTER.....we have to find ways to continue to get deeper and deeper in the conscious of the public as a whole

I think this is how we ultimately win

Thoughts and comments are welcome please

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