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Caught on Video: Orlando Police Officer Assaults Citizen, Breaks Her Teeth Out

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Oh well..

Wanna bet the pig will get a paid holiday for this?

They call it administrative leave.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

he got picked last in

he got picked last in kickball.

Qualified Immunity

Qualified Immunity in Use of Force Cases United States Supreme Court:


While this officer's behavior is outrageous, we the people have to concern ourselves with the behavior of judges. Violation of an individual's civil rights by a police officer rests on a two prong test:

1.) Did the officer's behavior violate an individual's civil rights?
2.) Is the right so clearly established that a reasonable police officer would know that his or her conduct violated the right?

sucks though...

cause they'll punish him out of 'dummy you got caught by a camera' not cause he did the wrong thing.

she needs to file assault

charges and sue the occifer in civil court. And that needs to happen every time an assualt happens.

Anyone ever file a claim on the officers bond

According to one of the Canadian freeman on the land type lectures, one remedy was to file a claim of rights violation with the bond company, claiming monetary damages. Supposedly, the bond company will investigate it and refuse to further bond the individual ... and a cop without a bond can't work, etc.

Anyone ever witnessed any case or claim like this in the USA?

good question

i'm usually pretty skeptical of the common law stuff but i've heard the bond thing over and over. cl seems like a lot of talk where rarely a final resolution ever comes from it. plus it always seems so time consuming and even if it works it would drive you crazy playing the waiting game filing stacks of paperwork and going back and forth to court.

when i here talk about common law and look at all the wasted time and hard work that goes into it i think about how Indiana Jones would deal with the tyrants....

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Is there enough evidence yet to end the TSA?

The most appropriate penalty for this crime cannot be written here.

I bet his punishment

will be 6-8 weeks paid leave. there will undoubtedly be a settlement with the county and the taxpayers will fork over a few hundred-thow.

Sweet justice.

Welcome to

the USSA.

Liberty is on the march, tyranny is on the run!

Pig with a badge.

Pig with a badge.

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