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Ann Coulter Calls Libertarians 'Pussies,' Gets Booed By Room Full Of Students

What do you get when you invite outspoken conservative firebrand Ann Coulter to debate outspoken libertarian John Stossel in front of an audience of 1,000+ libertarian students? Fireworks, that’s what.

Link thanks to fonzdrew.



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Ann Coulter is useless

Saddam was a partner with the US for over 40 years... we created Saddam. The real enemy is the bankers, the Rothschilds and their minions, but you won't hear that on Fox news or anywhere else. Even most Libertarians don't know about it..

Here's a NEWS FLASH... 99% of us are Libertarians... I just showed the "All Wars Are Bankers Wars" video to someone that would be labeled extreme "left"... he loved it... he agreed with all of it.

The concept of political parties is just a show... Republicans, Democrats, even Libertarians.... it is to prevent us from seeing the real criminals...

Take the red pill and wake up. Spread the word, the bankers are the terrorists and have been for hundreds if not thousands of years.


amazes me....whenever stossel gets these collge kids on to ask questions and comment...they're all incredibly intelligent.

She is flat out delusional.

Self absorbed, with an ego that blinds her from the truth.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Thanks for sharing. It's so

Thanks for sharing. It's so nice to see a room full of young fresh free thinking faces. I find it hard to listen to stale old Ann Coulter.

I'm with Ann on just about all of this

She was purposely provocative about war at the beginning but otherwise, her main point, that libertarian priorities are out of whack, is on target. The focus on pot and gay marriage plays right into the hands of the statist reformers. Ron Paul, too seemed to spend too much time sucking up to liberals about lessor issues while the main issue, the expanding welfare state gets less intention.

Also, "liberals want to destroy the family so that people will have one loyalty - to the government" is right on target.

The collectivist identity groups - gays, blacks, Latinos, are fighting traditional values in order to expand the state.

Coulter is one of the few courageous people left in America.

pot and gay marriage?

it was ann who kept coming back to the pot issue. it is the media and talking heads like ann who see to it that the libertarian views on everything else including the expanding welfare state are never talked about. always back to pot and gay marriage. shame on you ann.

blood from a turnip, eh?

Good luck with your quest to expand the welfare state.

You want welfare for your notion of virtue. But the government won't be able to create virtue for you. You are the only one who can do something about your lack of virtue.

Ann Coulter is one of the many collectivists keeping America on the road to destruction.

One thing

you and Ann have wrong is that it isn't about sucking up to liberals or conservatives, it's about true limited government. That's why libertarians like RP can draw support from all political spectrums. How is letting gay people get married expanding the state? The state expands when you expect it to control what people do! It's up to the individual to decide what is wrong and right for them. Don't like gay marriage? DON'T DO IT. Coulter is a horrible fearful hypocrite who claims to want small government, but really wants the government to tell you what to do so long as its in accordance with her own beliefs.

I was going to comment...

but you said everything I would have way more eloquently than I!!!

A million upvotes!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I disagree

noone ever said that that was a main priority right when they get into office (legalizing pot and gay marriage). Of course there are other things that should probably be tackled first because of what a mess this country is in.

The difference though is that Republicans are just as guilty as democrats when it comes to wanting to use big government....they just want to do it to force people to fall in line with their principles (gay marriage, war, drugs)....while the democrats do it on the other side (social welfare etc.)

Republicans are almost worse than democrats....because they're supposed to be the limited government party...they're not...they're limited government with the things they aren't emotionally attached to...everything else...heck, lets use government to force our personal will on other people...because we know what WE believe in must be correct.

This woman belives that she is smarter than everyone.

"No one is in a position to decree what will make another person happy" - From Chapter One of Human Action. Turn of the TV and read books American before this place turns into Idiocracy.

Walked into her trap

Most of the questions walked right into her trap. She framed the conversation by saying it would be about pot and marriage, the two favorite distraction issues of the neocons. What we needed was for people to hit on how morality laws, the war of drugs, perpetual war, Patriot Act, etc perpetuate the socialist state that she is saying should be the bigger fish - it costs money to implement which means they too are looking for a socialist society.

She should have been hit with the truth about the historical position of the Republican Party being non-interventionism. Use Clint Eastwood's words against her, we are libertarians because it is backing what was once Republican principles.

she wishes she had one


"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Coulter: NeoCon Statist

has trouble defining freedom

This woman

represents a lot of whats wrong with the republican party. She disgusts me.

She Did Not

She did not make one logical counter-argument. Everything she said involved a logical fallacy. Were this scored like a real debate, she'd have lost miserably.

That was fun


Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


I wish someone would have stood up and said "Ann this type of thinking is why you and the rest of the rinos in the GOP are all Dinosaurs." "You are not conservatives you are not liberals but you love big government in different ways. You could not even field a candidate to beat a full on socialist president." "And you come here and try to paint us as pandering to liberals, that is the most outrageous thing and the reason you do it is to confuse and perpetuate your rino brand of GOP."

Then the person should have asked isn't congress supposed to declare war or is that part of the constitution not important? They could have followed up with saying the dept of ed has been around for 60 years or so, so why do you think you can change that if you can't get gov out of marriage. They could have further called her out on the GOP not putting forward any truly meaningful budget cuts, except Ron Paul who she and her kind always marginalize.

The point when faced with people like her is to keep reminding them they are dinosaurs, they cannot win without us and we know compromising isn't the answer. Libertarians know its better to go Galt than to sell out our sons and daughters. This is the best point we can make to the 60 year old plus neocon crowd and we must keep making it. They cannot win without us.

Stossel's Temperament

I don't think Stossel is a shill. I think he's made a career out of being honest and exposing corruption.

And he has been honest about his journey from Republican supporter to Libertarian. (The same journey I made) I really think he's one of us. BUT - I think his energy level is just lower. He's not a spit-fire type of guy to "get after" Anne.

Think about it - his career was made going under cover and pretending to be on the inside. He's not the confrontational type.

He might be a bit soft, but definitely not a shill.
Absolutely not.

I DO think we need an Alpha Libertarian.

Jesse Ventura ... maybe Judge Nap come to mind.
Stossel, like Ron, is open and honest and I'm glad he's on our side.
I like to see genuinely GOOD PEOPLE find genuinely GOOD philosophies.

'I DO think we need an Alpha Libertarian.'


We can all be individual and still look for leadership. I posted a thread asking 'Who is the best leader of the Liberty movement?'

Until we have leadership that can show us the way and unite not only us, but attract new faces, we will be as effective as herding cats.

I believe Stossel is one of the best allies we have. He speaks well and remains on topic.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


besides AC is a comedian.

Bad questions, bad answers...

No real questions about unfaltering loyalty to Israel, allowing Ann to turn a question an=bout the war on drugs into a legalize weed debate, no questions about tyranny, Republican sell outs, unfair treatment of liberty candidates (Dr. Paul, Main GOP, Iowa, Etc...) Stossel isn't the truth, he is just another shill for the bad guys....Just my observation...Coulter is a kook and the kids were just too censored or they really were "pussies"...As that wench would call them...

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!


Stossel is A-Okay? I know they got rid of Judge Andrew Napolitano when he was one of the most popular shows and Stossel confessed his libertarianism. This lady sounds like any other politician, dance around the question, she doesn't like anecdotes but she loves to make analogies.

This Broad is

Fruit Loopy whoever she is. Holy Cow!

SteveMT's picture

She's not very broad at all.

She may not even be a broad. Suspicious libertarians always want to know the truth.

Cyril's picture

LOL. So true...

LOL. So true...

"Suspicious libertarians always want to know the truth."

Maybe that's related to the fact they prefer, and are familiar with caring FOR themselves (and families) AND BY THEMSELVES...

Might be some useful clue we ought to break to the neocons and liberals more often, AND UPFRONT... could hopefully save time for everybody, no?!!!

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Do you like Boondocks?

She Is An Example

of MSM going down. Sad to be her. But she deserves it. I am proud to see the youth waking up though! Also, thank you John for being real!


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DITTO ! :)

"Also, thank you John for being real!"

DITTO ! :)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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These kids asked great questions. Coulter gave terrible answers.

By remaining calm, Stossel and the students handled this situation very well. Both of them let Coulter make a fool out of herself without doing a thing.