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Bhutan Goes Organic: A Lesson For Us All?

By banning the sales of pesticides and herbicides Bhutan has outlined a clear path for the future of its agriculture: it will become the first wholly organic country in the world.

Bhutan was already largely organic, but the recent decision announced at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2013 aims to make it possible for the tiny Himalayan country to cut the last bond with dangerous agricultural chemicals.

The goal is not only to go organic, but to grow more food as well. Bhutan aims to achieve this with a region-by-region and crop-by-crop approach. At the same time it will study and introduce new methods of growing traditional crops in order to increase yields.


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It would be hard to mess up this glorious little

Kingdom. What a dreamy little rich happy place. I could move there. Very lovely.

I love it,

saving Mother Earth, one county at a time. Thanks for the link.