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A Clarion Call – A Piercing, Horn-like Sound Awakening All Who Will Hear

I was awakened this morning, around 6:30 AM or so, to the sound of the town’s snow plows clearing the streets of snow for its residents. I lay in bed with thoughts and words reeling through my mind.

Sunday, I noticed chemtrailing occurring, once again, in our skies. Not as much as usual but it was happening. On Monday, my husband was able to capture a regular “con”trail and a “chem”trail which I posted to my virtual world. Surprisingly, a man whom I have never met, spent a great deal of his personal time, time he will never regain, attempting to convince me that the “chem”trails I was seeing were nothing of concern. He sent me to a website to convince me. Interesting enough it was a government site.

With all the reports I’ve read in the last few months coupled with my own personal documentation, more than ever, I am convinced our weather is being manipulated. My experience has been like those scientists who go out to prove there is no God only to realize a power far greater and far more powerful than man does exist.

My mind is reeling so I must climb out of my warm bed and write.

Again, it has been exactly seventy-two hours since the chemtrailing and now we not only have snow, a natural occurrence this time of year in states like Colorado, Utah and Kansas but we have snow accompanied by tornado warnings and lightning which is not usual this time of year. Reporters state large particles or potato-chip like snowflakes have been falling from our sky. They are calling it grapple.

So with what I have personally seen and documented, after every major chemtrailing over the NW skies of CO, there is not just a snowstorm but a monster storm rolls in resulting in road closures, chaos, and un-natural weather patterns either in our part of the country or others often time leading to deaths.

I have posted video links, reports, and article links. I will continue to do so. I have been asked, “Why Are They Spraying?” I have done my best to point again to video links, reports, and articles. To those who still question, I have provided lists of States and private organizations who have participated in weather modification, as well as direct links to companies whose professions are geo-engineering—weather modification.

Now, for fear that I can only hold your attention for a few more moments, as quickly as possible, I will give you my heartfelt answer to why they are spraying?

Here’s Why

Because they can! Because we have become a society that is complacent, apathetic, dumbed-down and greedy. Say goodbye now if you can’t take it. This piece only gets stronger.

Let’s start with complacent: Here is the definition: 1. Marked by self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies, contented to a fault. 2. Eager to please.

We have become so comfortable. We have come to believe that our government and our God will do everything for us. All we have to do is obey our government; pray to our God, and keep the boat steady (don’t rock the boat, baby). We have become a people who are unaware of constitutional, legislation, business and societal changes; neither do we care. We have turned off the news, buried our heads in the sand only to dope on Marijuana, Cocaine, Prozac, Cymbalta, Celexa, OxyContin and the virtual world because we can’t handle reality. Or, as Jack Nicholson screamed in the classic movie, A Few Good Men, “You [we] can’t handle the truth.”


We let doctors prescribe pills with debilitating results if not death because we’re too lazy to take responsibility for our own health. We neglect exercise, indulge in fast foods allowing the government to now regulate what we eat and drink. We’re too indolent to prepare healthy nutritional meals buying instant, prepackaged, either frozen or dehydrated vitamin deficient, genetically modified garbage approved by the FDA feeding it to our precious children.

We won’t research for ourselves even though everything is at our fingertips with the Internet. Instead, we listen to five-second sound bits put out by a bought-out, government influenced media allowing them to dictate our beliefs, concerns and our vote.

We’re even too lazy to pursue our purpose or our dreams, which is true happiness, so we beg for a job we really don’t want going day-in and day-out to the painfully thoughtless and boring positions we hate never being compensated for our true worth.


Do you know what is Fractional Reserve Banking? Let’s try something easier. Do you know who the U.S. Speaker of the House is? Okay, let’s try do you know the words of your National Anthem? I am assuming you’re an American with this questioning.

How about, do you know the name of your city or town mayor; or, how about the name of your child’s principal at school? What bill(s) are on the congressional, State and Federal, floors taking away your constitutional rights to include your right to privacy and your right to protect your home and family? Are you even aware?

How many books have you read this year? What about blogs? How many will not be able to focus for the ten minutes it takes to read this very short piece? We can’t count, spell or read anymore because we have computers to do it all for us.

We spend countless hours on virtual social pages believing if we don’t have a social-media page we don’t have a life. I beg to differ.


We work long hours leaving our children to fend for themselves and our spouses unloved and horney. We pray for and seek houses and cars that can be wiped out in seconds by a single catastrophe. We purchase toys and gadgets on credit cards with criminal interest rates, set by banksters who make the Mafia look like choir boys, hoping to soothe all our pain and bring temporary pleasure while broken, wounded, and battered within.

So in summary, here’s not only why they are spraying but why we as a society are on a decline. Because we have checked out, sold out, doped up and given up. We can’t focus and lose interest on any hard topic for more than a week or two. Because we do nothing! Because we sleep!


Who will answer the Clarion call? Who will stand in the gap? Who will pray and then act? Who will watch for injustice and bring it to the forefront. Who will advocate for the land? Who will fight for our children’s Constitutional rights? Who will fight for humanity and society: the homeless, the widows, the orphans; the innocent locked behind bars, the sexually and financially exploited, the elderly? Who will be the “church” who understands the meaning of a “true fast?” Read Isaiah 58 in Scripture if you dare. If you haven’t heard, the Pope has tendered his resignation.

A Clarion Call: A Piercing, Horn-like Sound Awakening All Who Will Hear.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

–Edmund Burke.

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Edmund Burke

Edmund Burke's writings are among my favorites.

Too few people know about him. Just like Bastiat (except in our liberty movement).


Letter to a member of the National Assembly, in answer to some objections to his book on French affairs, 1791


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I read it...

and stand with you!

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