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Jury Nullification - Last Stand Before Armed Resistance?

Let me just say I am not sure why more people in the liberty movement do not pick this up and run with it? Working through the political system seems to be broken yet all we hear is contact your rep or vote more republicans in. And we continue to get screwed. Or if there is any headway it is a long slow process and usually compromised to almost uselessness. That is just intolerable to many and is a reason why a lot of people do not want to be involved in the political process and feel powerless to change anything.

However with the power of the jury the people have immediate power to nullify bad laws and by-pass all the politics and old boy networks etc. It is a quick easy way to tell the politicians NO we will not stand for this non-sense! Why do you think there has been such a dumbing down of knowledge of the true power of the jury over the last century? People who don't have the time or inclination to be involved in the political process can participate in Jury Nullification and thus in restoring liberty. We have a potential army for liberty at our disposal we only have need to educate them. That makes sense doesn't it?

Jury Nullification is well established in American Jurisprudence Prohibition perhaps being the most famous law nullified by Juries till it was repealed. We owe it to ourselves to make Jury Nullification a major tenant of our attack on the enemies of freedom because it is perhaps our best weapon in this war. Where else do the people have any power now days to prevent bad and unconstitutional laws from harming us? We should take take the time to study this issue and start promoting it because it's time we used our real power isn't it!

Every home in American needs to b educated on Jury Nullification!

"It is not necessary for a state legislature to “adopt or officially recognize” jury nullification. All that is necessary is for a critical mass of the people to know about their power and know how to use it. In addition, even if a law exists, judges will still lie. Indiana and Georgia has jury nullification in their constitutions, yet judges still lie, jury tamper, try to trick jurors, often succeeding. Only an educated and confident jury pool guarantees that judges will not suppress jury nullification. Very important -- lobbying the legislature about jury nullification has often confused the general public, making many think we cannot nullify bad laws till the legislature passes a new law. We have our power now, we simply have to know it and use it. POLITICIANS ARE NOT THE SOLUTION – YOU ARE."

Not sure where this came from but it is in some info I have archived.





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The biggest problem is

The biggest problem is uneducated Jurors. This is why Jury Nullification needs to become household mainstream knowledge. Most people if they have even heard of it think it is some obscure patriot or sovereign citizen thing.

This thread only got 9 flags? Why is that when this is such a powerful tool we have at our fingertips? We should be shouting it from the housetops but instead we'd rather be playing politics with liars and thieves what gives?

Politics is such a long slow process if it even works and it only takes one or a few with political clout to stifle years of hard work sometimes indefinitely.

So why is Jury Nullification not the other prong of the attack? There is no penalty for a Jurors to nullify the law none whatsoever.

Citizen Grand Juries have the same problem people are uneducated about them but they also have a more serious problem they risk physically being arrested etc. Why go there when we can sit on any Jury and nullify bad law. Let the education begin here? Vote this thread up and start promoting it now. Let's make it a two pronged attack!

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Trial by Jury is one of many inventions that work when people make it work. Which people?

Who picks the Jurors?

I just went to Jury Duty.

I explained to everyone sitting on the Jury box (past the bar) that we were here to avoid abandoning an innocent victim and we were here to avoid punishing an innocent man which is a crime that we commit as we victimize someone.

I told them about how Lysander Spooner explained how Trial by Jury is supposed to work, how the Jurors were naturally going to judge the case, the law, and guilt or innocence, and how the jury would not listen to the judge when the judge tells the Jury to only try the case, and not the law.

I told all that to everyone when I ignored what the stupid prosecutor was trying to lie about, and the judge kept me on the Jury while the "Lawyers" (as far as I know) dismissed me, both of them, not just one.

Yes, yes, yes, Trial by Jury places the POWER of LAW in each jurors hands where any ONE juror can nullify any law, so long as Trial by Jury works as it was intended to work.

Do it.

If at first you don't succeed.

Give up?


Clear the bench

Vote every judge and DA out every single election until we get strong defenders of the Constitution.
Form a local judiciary branch watchdog organization and educate people about jury nullification, liberty law, and how We the People must band together against the runaway judiciary branch.



Jury Nullification is the last powerful tool we have.

Jury Nullification will do what guns cannot.

Here is Marty Johnson talking on the subject.


I'll threepeat

I voted since I was 18 until last year. I was called to the jury pool twice in Ada County and they filled the jury before they even got to me both times.
The concept is great, but I suspect we will find ourselves called to serve less and less, and it was pretty rare already.
What do you know about convening citizen's grand juries? We really need to give up on their "justice system" and try to create an actual system of justice.

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We can't rely on legislature to not enact invalid unconstitutional laws. We can't rely on the executive branch, presidents, governors and bureacrats to defend our liberty. We can't rely on judges to defend our liberty. We can't rely on elections to install liberty oriented officials. So we must defend ourselves, friends and neighbors through jury nullification.

Our founders had the foresight to give ensure we were armed and had juries of our peers as a last defense of our liberties. Lets not waste them.

Being called

Is one thing, being selected is another.

To my Liberal Trolls:
"Really Don't mind if you sit this one out. Your words but a whisper, your deafness a shout. I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."
Ian Anderson 1972

Never called upon:

I have not ever been called upon to serve.
It was my understanding that they use the list of voters registration to call upon people to serve. Not sure about this.
But I would be happy to serve. Of course they might not be happy with me.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government