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Daily Space Weather Thread

I am offering to start a thread that I will update daily (unless I can't!) if folks are interested. If you want me to do this, upvote the thread. I will bring videos and articles that are new that day, with videos and photos of the sun, notes of interest to astronomers, and anything that I find particularly interesting on the topic of space weather, and earth changes that may be a part of space weather. You can count on frequent links to Suspicious0bserver, SOHO, ThunderboltsProject and I'll kick the concept off with a fresh example of each. (The ThunderboltsProject video is the same one I made a thread of earlier, so skip it if you've seen it.)

Today, Suspicious0bserver discusses climate extremes, and looks at data indicating we may be headed for another "Maunder Minimum" solar cycle:

SOHO keeping an eye on that monster sunspot I kept saying wasn't there... You'll need to input a bit of data. Pick "HMI Continuum" - set resolution to 512 - enter "2012-02-21" in the start field and an "n" in the end field. Hit search and watch the spot drift toward the edge. (If this post is ever dug up in the future, enter "2012-02-22" in the end field or you will be downloading for a LONG time.)

ThunderboltsProject has a shocking take on the recent meteor that hit Russia:

Got a solar lens for your telescope? Three comets are falling in to the sun right now. Check out this amazing shot:

And today's bonus round... What Aetna's recent eruption looked like from space:
"The false-color image above combines shortwave infrared, near-infrared, and green light in the red, green, and blue channels of an RGB picture."

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Love the idea.

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