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Apple Inc. is Anti-Liberty in Every Way

I was recently downvoted on a post where a video was posted as an iTunes exclusive when I said I refused to download Apple's garbageware to watch the video. I realize many of us at the DP still do not know how anti-liberty Apple really is. I suppose I should elaborate for the Apple protectionists out there. The simple idea of being an 'exclusive' medium for an advertisement sounds exactly like Apple. That is not the only reason I will not support this company, there are MANY that have slowly formed over the years.

1. Apple is a bully to its users, and its developers. I am a developer by trade. Apple has repeatedly used their terms of service to restrict what kinds of apps we are allowed to develop for their platform in order to protect their own stock apps from competition. They have been forced to relent a bit on this but trust me this was not by choice.

2. When Apple files for patents like this one it helps illustrate their corporate personality, and their position on freedom. It allows the government to remotely shut down all iphone cameras within range of a kill signal. This can be used at protests for example: http://www.zdnet.com/apple-patent-could-remotely-disable-pro...

3. Proprietary connectivity for no real reason is immoral and anti-competitive. It is legal, however it certainly isn't 'free' as in freedom. It is another form of a digital cage. Apple forces you to purchase new chargers and accessories from one device to the next. This practice is purely for profit. This is something the rest of the industry has finally stopped doing after standards have become accepted... except of course for Apple.

4. They absolutely abuse the concept of intellectual property (which I personally believe should be completely dissolved - this is like saying you can patent a mathematical equasion). You should ne be able to patent round rectangles for example. Apple is suing dozens of companies at this very moment, all for intellectual property disputes. For more on why I fundimentally disagree with this, watch this short documentary on IP: http://patentabsurdity.com/watch.html

5. Apple bundles lots of extra crap into all of its windows software (hence the garbageware comment). iTunes installed loads of background services which are completely unrelated to iTunes and start every time you tun on your computer. iTunes is a resource hog, it is intentionally crippled to 'lock' you into Apple products / services / multimedia formats. They want all music to be loaded with DRM, and they are happy to completely wipe out your music collection if you aren't careful. Some of it you can remove during installation, some of it you cannot.

6. They use the 'American Company' routine to encourage 'patriotic purchases', but in truth staffing, component purchases, assembly, etc. are primarily outsourced. For example, one of their chief rivals, South Korean Samsung provides more jobs in the US than Apple does. Read more: http://www.rjkoehler.com/2012/08/28/samsung-better-for-ameri...

7. Worker conditions seem to be unimportant to Apple when it comes to foreign employees. It farms out its labor to China where workers are clearly not doing very well. In fact, after a series of worker suicides at the factory the company has installed suicide nets, and imposed strict anti suide policies. How do you get people to stop killing themselves? We all know the answer to that is more rules and restrictions right? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxconn_suicides

8. Apple conspires with major companies to keep prices artificially high. They did it with music, then movies and tv shows, and even ebooks: http://articles.latimes.com/2012/apr/11/business/la-fi-tn-eb...

9. Hackintoshes being 'illegal' is BS. If I buy their software, and build my own computer... how can it be illegal for me to put that software I purchased on the hardware I purchased??? Well, according to Apple's TOS it is, and if you try it they will sue the iCrap out of you like they did to one local company here in south FL called Psystar a few years back: http://www.techspot.com/news/48604-psystar-loses-latest-appe...

I could literally go on and on listing the disgusting business practices of this company. What I cannot figure out is why most people seem to have no idea (or not care), even a community as well informed as this one. Are there any others out there who understand where I'm coming from here?

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conspiring with others to

conspiring with others to manipulate prices is called price fixing and it is illegal. Apple is being sued for this.

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I assume you are referring to

I assume you are referring to the suit brought against Apple by the government at the request of Amazon? Gee, I wonder why a direct competitor like Amazon would want to squash e-book competition from Apple?


I didn't watch that trailer for the same reason. I don't like M$ but Apple is worse.

And people, speaking against a corporation isn't trying to 'force them' or 'censor them' about anything. You shouldn't be reading DP and not understand the difference between social action and political action. The latter is a gun. The former is free speech and free association. I choose my associations, and am free to attempt to persuade others to do the same. I think Apple is pretty up there on the corporate evil rating, about with Monsanto, but below GE. I would encourage people to look into it and maybe realize Apple is a bad actor, overpriced besides, and stop buying their crap.

But if you disagree, I don't advocate using guns to force you or using guns to hurt Apple.

I disagree...

I disagree with this clown in every way. Apple makes thier own products thier way because they are better than everybody else. Its a free country because Apple is able to do so and you are free to buy whicever procusts are best fit for your needs. If you don't like it, go buy some crummy windoze products.

This person is a clown

This person is a clown because he/she has a different opinion than yours? Hmm. And claiming that Apples products are better than everybody else is debatable. I-phones suck and are behind the curve. They're coming out with things that are the next big deal when Samsung has already had these features out. Anywho.

Right. This is the same

Right. This is the same Samsung found guilty of directly ripping off Apple and ordered to pay $1 billion in fines, yes?

Maybe, I don't know anything

Maybe, I don't know anything about that. Can't say that I really care to be honest.

It was APPLE

That invented the touchscreen phone, and iTunes and effective digital distribution. Not Samsung or anybody else. Less is better too. Samsung makes junky and clunky products.

It really doesn't help the

It really doesn't help the Apple-user image when people like you go around perpetuating myths that are just as blatantly false as the ones used against us. Apple "invents" very little. They refine things. Also, Samsung products are really good, and quite competitive.

There is no reason to be a blind fanboy of any company. This whole "Apple vs Microsoft" thing is a bit like "Republican vs Democrat". It's just bullshit. You have to look at the actual product! What do you get and for how much?! Is it worth it to you?! I don't understand why people get all political and butthurt over people using a different system. There's no reason to perpetuate lies to prove your opinion regardless of which side you are on.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

The only reason I replied to

The only reason I replied to begin with was to ask why it was necessary to call the OP a clown because you don't agree. Now, if you want to argue against what I said about Samsungs innovation compared to Apple feel free. I'm not the one that put out a lengthy commercial pointing out all of the features that Samsung phones had a year before Apple did. Apple is playing catch up with the I-phone these days. But, loyal Appleheads wont recognize that. Who the hell wants a glass phone anyway? Apple wants you to so you have to buy a new face every time you drop your phone. It's also humorous that people get suckered in to the marketing. Apple has put out a new version of the Iphone every year since 2007, and the Appleheads are foolish enough to keep on buying em'. Stick with Apple products if you like them, what do I care? But you shouldn't be so abrasive just because you disagree.

Ron Paul

supporters are a cult of personality. There's not really any substance to his fan base. They're blind followers, and pretty obnoxious. Fanboys! Like mac people! Wait, what?


Um, Liberty goes both ways

what you are arguing for is to force apple to be more like you want them to be. That is ANTI liberty.

Liberty means apple can run their business as they please, so long as they don't interfere with your right to do what you want with your property as you please.

Dont like how they do business, then don't do business with them. They are free to copy protect, and do all of those other things based on the freedom we all have to enter into contracts with various other people at our own free will. If you dont like the terms of the agreement, dont enter into the contract.

Apple becomes ANTI-Liberty when they help to shape laws that force their business model upon us AGAINST our own free will. They may or may not be doing that, but the points you have outlined above are complaining about the terms of their user agreements, which you enter freely when purchasing their products. Nowhere have they taken your liberty -- you gave it to them, which was your choice.

"what you are arguing for is

"what you are arguing for is to force apple to be more like you want them to be"

no, I'm not. Never did I suggest anything like this, nor would I.

I'm suggesting people recognize that the sacred cow is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Unfortunately as you can see from reading the comments, some of the attachments people have developed with the company borders on religious. Reminds me of how some people have felt when they found out how corrupt Disney had become over the years. Probably even worse than that.

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As a graphic designer I can only really use a mac

it's basically an industry standard in Advertising. But I agree with you 100%.

When Steve died, the Apple Fanboy in me died too. I had an iPhone since day 1 but I switched 2 years ago to a Samsung Windows phone (blasphemy! I know) but I was tired of the same old UI and I don't need my phone to be a super computer. I have an iPad and MacBook so my phone can be different, give me the basics and a new user experience. No complaints.

Apple has become the "Call of Duty" of consumer electronics (CoD is a video game franchise) - they just give you the same shit annually and convince you that the little updates they give you make it sooooo fresh and new. BS.

I didn't see any official launch announcements but it seems Apple launched a new division called "iSueYou" since all I EVER hear now is how they're dragging people through lawsuit after lawsuit.

Without Jobs there, the company is becoming a typical corporation just looking out for the bottom line and convinced that they've brainwashed their fanboys to stay loyal from product to product.

I must say that as messed up as Apple is becoming, I feel ill thinking about Android. Google has no business in mobile. I mean, it makes total sense for the Corporate Human Indexing company to get there tentacles in as much of people's lives as possible so they can provide the widest range of products for human surveillance to their government partners. Sadly it seems Apple want's a piece of that pie as well.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Ever heard of GIMP

GIMP = free OPEN SOURCE image editor. Just as powerful as photoshop. And if you're stuck on Photoshop, use GIMPshop. Bsically Gimp made to look and feel like photoshop. Even uses the same hot keys.

I do however feel your pain. TRAKTOR SUCKS in Windows. The windows drivers are just garbage. You have to turn vinyl emulation down to 3 ms delay otherwise you get skipping. In OSX or Hackintosh, works at 1ms. Which is huge if you are scratch DJ/turntablist. Doesn't matter how much overhead you have with cpu or memory, Traktor will just not run as reliably in any other OS. I am not a Mac fanboy at all. As a daily open source user, I think Macs are a rip off, but unfortunately in the case of traktor it just sucks on anything else but OSX. Getting hackintosh to work on most labtops can be a challege.

**Yes i use Serato also....works fine on any platform, and is better at vinyl emulation, but just doesn't have all the bells and whistles or plug n play ability with various hardware as traktor does.

The GIMP moniker is apropos

It's lame compared to Photoshop. If you're a pro and need Photoshop daily, you can afford and need a mature piece of software for your work. GIMP is nowhere near as functional.

not really true

you can get just about every graphic design program on PC's now, but do agree MAC dominated the market in the beginning and is still that way.

I like CorelDraw better than Illustrator and other Adobe products, but that's a different discussion.

Yeah but we're a small design shop

and I sometimes double as our tech department. It's a lot easier to troubleshoot issues on Macs than PCs. If we were a larger agency and had dedicated tech staff to keep up on the latest antivirus BS and all that, then we'd have PCs used more. I do like Keynote over PowerPoint 100%. That's one slick presentation app. I sometimes use it to make videos of presentations too. I see a lot of Keynote templates on YouTube :)

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Modular and Open Source

Sourcing modular hardware with the best specs, highest quality, and lowest price, and pairing it with the open-source Linux operating system far exceeds anything produced by Apple/Dell/Microsoft in my opinion.

Even buying a $350 Dell laptop, removing Windows, and installing Xubuntu Linux 12.10 far exceeds anything produced by Apple.

Apple's OS is far better than Microsoft, but who REALLY considers Microsoft these days?

Windows 8, really? Yeah, the start menu is now a tiled screen with hot corners that's confusing and counter-intuitive. Horizontal scrolling and hot corners? Great job Microsoft...

Some competition...


NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

But I don't care

I don't want to modify crap, I just want it to work. I could care less if it's a tenth of a second faster. Glad you love Linux open source and I say use it then. I don't want MAC to go to open source, I don't want to deal with it, I don't want to hunt the Internet to find blogs to tell me how to tweak it. I just want my product to work great with the least effort on my part. Its not that your way is not great, it is, but not everyone wants what you want.

Freedom baby.

Go Apple


Changing software doesn't affect physical speed of the computer... and I'm not tweaking anything. Aside from running an installation off of a CD or thumb drive, I'm not doing anything else. Linux works right out of the box.

Firefox, Chrome, Flash, Java, OpenOffice, GIMP, scanning software, music, chat software is all installed.

Want to install a printer? Plug it in. Done.

I get it though. You're lazy and simply want to pay a 300% premium to not do any work nor understand what will become an increasingly important part of everyone's life. Technology. Cool.

I find it valuable to have knowledge of the things I own and use. This way I can resolve simple issues myself instead of paying $100/hr for someone else to do it for me...

Open source value?

Sorry to come off sounding so intense. It's totally fine you dig Apple. I do too, but I just can't justify the price.

With the launch of github.com, anyone can easily download the source of and further develop any piece of software. Git's forking and merging ability is simply amazing.

Security bugs are discovered and fixed at a much higher rate with open-source software than with propriety software simply because of the number of eyes looking at it. You don't have a company's employed software development team; you have everyone in the whole world.

Security is a big deal for me as find myself using the internet for more and more things. So, the more secure the better. I don't want criminals or the government spying on me...

Absolutely lazy

I would rather pay somebody 300% premium and save my time at doing something I can make much more money at, than the 300% premium.

I'm sure if I wanted to change brakes in my car, I can, done it hundreds of times, and I can save the 200% premium if I do it myself, but I choose not to, because my time is more valuable.

I find it's valuable to go on vacation, spend times with family, enjoy life than dealing with the most awesome operating system on the planet, L I N U X.

And this editorial was brought to you by Apple

ahhhh so it's anti liberty to run a company the way they want to

I would suggest you start your own company and compete with them.

How Ironic, but most of Apples components come from that pro liberty (not) company called Samsung, who use that great operating system used by spy giant google that tracts your every move.

But wait Samsung runs those plants in China.

So if Apple creates a system we should allow everyone to use it, and all other companies for free, that's communism bro.

I believe apple just brought a Mac laptop plant back to the U.S., all designs of phones, computers, iPads etc. are done in Cupertino, CA., which is much more American than other competitors who designs come from Korea, China, Japan. As well as a nice amount of Americans that work at Apple Stores.

Apple is far from perfect, but their customer service is US based, lots of Americans work for them, unlike Dell, or Samsung or HP that farms out their customer care to India.

As far as disgusting business practices, no more or less than other companies, Facebook tracks you, google tracks you, Samsung steals patented ideas, Dell, HP, GM, Kraft, etc. have all sold out the US worker and moved factories overseas because they are forced to because Republicans and Democrats passed laws like NAFTA, GATT, MFN that really screwed over Americans. WalMart really is China Mart, everything they sell is made in China down to their apple juice. They are the supreme slave labor company and I guarantee many on this site go and shop there.

When Sam Walton was alive they use to have banners in their stores bragging about how they saved x amount of jobs in the US or helped a new plant to open in the US. When he died, that all immediately came to an end and the globalist took over and today it's the biggest anti-American job company out there.

There are few great companies, I like New Balance shoes because they try to manufacture in America, but they to even have shoes made in China.

I like Ford because they refused bailout money, have brought many manufacturing lines back to the US and have the highest US parts component content in their cars, some cars in the 95 percentile for domestic component content .

missing the point... Monsanto

missing the point... Monsanto runs a company the way they want too. I think they are anti-liberty too. I could name 100 other major corporations that fit the mold too. Difference is, read these comments. People think Apple is like an innovation God that blesses us with our technological advancements once a year at WWDC. People seriously believe this is a good wholesome home grown American company who can do no wrong. That is my point.

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"Jailbroken" - a term reserved for iPhones

I have an iphone, but I've never seen this term used for any other smart phone. Make one wonder...


A term coined by hackers, who

A term coined by hackers, who seem to believe everything should be free and served up to them on a golden platter. Not how the real world works, lads.

Actually the way it works is you buy the iphone through

one of the various cell/data service providers and are only ever allowed to use your device that you now own with their network, that you don't own.

This is peculiar to the iphones, as you can simply replace the sim card on an android or other type of phone to switch networks. Given that, I am not surprised the iphones were hacked or "jailbroken".