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Swat Team Raid Kills Unarmed Occupant; Saves us All from small qty of Recreational Drugs

Five Connecticut towns will pay $3.5 million in a bizarre raid by heavily armed SWAT team members after a report of drugs in the house of a Norwalk man. The team hit the home with flash grenades while snipers and officers surrounded the property. The owner, Ronald Terebesi, was dragged from the home and another man, Gonzalo Guizan (right), shot and killed. Neither was armed and a small amount of recreational drugs were found. The towns however still fought the case for years until a court issued a key ruling against them. They still deny any negligence or fault and proceeded to give the officer leading the raid an award for his role in the disastrous raid. (Swat members shown here were not involved in this raid)

This is not the first time that police were given accommodations for negligent or mistaken raids.

This case however captures the problem of police departments that seem eager to use armored cars and SWAT teams funded after 9-11. Former Easton Police Chief John “Jack” Solomon insists that the raid was carried out according to a valid warrant. That warrant was based on a call from an exotic dancer who admitted that she had a dispute with Terebesi. Police (who have had complaints about Terebesi entertaining exotic dancers in the past) responded with a virtual invasion. The SWAT team covered in body armor drove into the neighborhood in SUVs and an large armored transport with SWAT team members standing on the running boards ready to assault the house. They also took a video of the assault as snipers deployed and the armored car charged the house.


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So the police officers (who apparently have a policy of "throw grenades first, ask questions later") get off scot-free (one with a medal!) while the taxpayers are put on the hook to compensate the victims' families?!?!?

They are out to protect and serve, all right.

Protect each other and serve the Rothschilds.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Misread title and said

Misread title and said "...small quantity of recreational dogs."
I thought, what are recreational dogs?

Southern Agrarian

"Recreational Dogs"? What YOU been smokin?

Careful what you say...a swat team close to you may show up and kill you too.