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Cheap durable buildings


If houses have to be built at all, in sufficient quantity, they must be built without money. We must go right outside the framework of the monetary system, bypass the factories, and ignore the contractors.

Hassan Fathy (1900-1989)

Anyone interested in cheap durable housing should check out this organization, they have free workshops on how to build your own beautiful homes that will last forever, with what you already have available on your own land. There are workshops on how to build the domed roofs so you wouldn't even need to buy that, there are workshops on making it completely off the grid. This man Hassan Fathy said something so profound and so true. I just thought I'd share it.

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get started today

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Lots of alternative building where I live...

but folks around here gave up on paper crete long ago because of mold/deterioration. Maybe there's some improved recipes these days?

You know what I like best

You know what I like best about these beautiful homes? With 20 inch thick walls, and small windows, they are perfect shelter should we ever have to fight a zombie apocolypse!


Big bump

"Adobe is destined to be politically questioned. Building codes are to be legally corrected throughout the Southwest of the US and beyond. Adobe construction obtains no bank loans. It should and it will.

Adobe will be increasingly more of a political issue: As building materials rise even higher in cost than in this first decade of the 21st century; as industrial materials' toxicity is perceived, as their cost of transportation increases with the price of fuels; as the climatic comfort and salubriousness of adobe walls are discovered, more budget-conscious dwellers will be drawn to the material.

To sleep, to move, to live in adobe walls is a cure from the expanding risks of electro-magnetic field emanations, or of out-gassing from toxic materials incorporated within paints, carpeting, and fiber board walls. Above all adobe is a pleasure to handle, and a huge financial saving over any other non-organic material."

Simone Swan, Adobe Alliance.

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Do they put plumbing in these

Do they put plumbing in these bad boys?

Yes you can put in a septic

Yes you can put in a septic tank, and they even have workshops in how to make your home energy independent. We have a septic tank. There is an initial cost in laying out a septic system, but it's well worth it. Very low maintenance. Plant a garden over the area. That area will always be greener,and healthier than the surrounding vegetation.




I live in a small Tennessee

I live in a small Tennessee city and have noticed "Hooverville" type homes already popping up. On one of the major highways, there is a strip of your typical mobile homes but now, people are being allowed to live in whatever they have. Someone has parked an old delivery truck and living in the back. Another is a shed and even more bizarre, someone pushed together two metal containers (like the ones you see on train cars but smaller) and have made a house out of it. They've put a wood stove in it. There also are homes made out of motor homes (the travel kinds). Welcome to modern-day "Obamavilles". I'm sure they'd love to have one of these durable buildings but I don't think they'd do too well in a rainy/stormy/tornadic spring climate (I could be wrong though).

Cob Lasts for Hundreds of Years

In rainy stormy places. Wales is real wet. One guy actually built a cob house on the coast in Florida and all the neighbors laughed saying his house would melt the first time there was a hurricane. Guess what? His house was the ONLY house standing after that hurricane! There is a great book called "The Hand Sculpted House" that is not only a great guide for building cob but also teaches a great way of rethinking houses and nature. I bought a copy on "half.com" for about 5 dollars used.


Weather as a factor.

Adobe homes are not for humid climates. They are however perfect for a large portion of the southwest. I live in very rural area, we have 6 acres south of San Antonio, there are plenty of OLD adobe buildings still in use in this area to copy. Undeveloped desert land is dirt cheap (pardon the pun) There are very few building codes, however if you plan to raise kids here be aware the educational opportunities are scarce.


I live in Canada

Would you recommend building adobe home here?

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For those who want to live like Luke Skywalker :)

Seriously, thanks for the info.



Same With Cob Housing

They used to use cob (sand, clay, and straw) to build houses in England until the brick companies had it banned. (go figure) Anyway there are cob houses there in Wales that have been there for HUNDREDS of years. Bet these new tract houses won't be around that long. Check out cob too. http://www.cobcottage.com/


If you have dirt, you can make your own bricks.

Thanks for all your comments, I'm so glad I was able to share. How is it we've forgotten how to do this?

This a how to guide on how to construct a house, tells which direction the walls should be facing, how to make the molds etc. http://www.adobealliance.org/storage/ecolonia.pdf It's pretty straight forward, just a lot of labor really.


Here we go! Check this out:


I'm pretty sure this is the exact story hawkiye was telling me about. The internet is a handy little thing.

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I love this community..

for posts like this.

Thank you for sharing. :)

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Hi Patty

If you're just getting into Re-cycled/sustainable/off-grid housing be sure to check out Michael Reynolds work. Youtube him, or youtube "Earthships". And while you're there, check out Cob homes. My wife and I are currently looking for land here outside of Austin where we can experiment with building an earthship/container home.

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Since You Are In Texas

You should contact Dan Phillips in Huntsville. He builds houses out of junk. He has a cool greenhouse in his yard built out of nothing but old French doors that someone threw away. I was part of a cob workshop in that yard. We all built a cob oven. It was great!




im about to embark on construction of an earthship myself.

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hey, hawkiye!

I'll see if I can find anything on it. If I do, I'll use it as an excuse to bump this again, but hawkiye knows this really cool trick you can do with adobe... Maybe he will chime in while I go looking.
But this bump is not even for your link, it is for your comment. Bingo.

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