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Neocon John Bolton Accuses Libertarians Of ‘Defending The Confederacy’ By Disagreeing With Obama's Drone Strikes


The other conservative featured in the program was John Bolton, former Bush official and he of the “neocon” variety. Last year, Bolton’s appearance on Stossel’s show (full disclosure, again: Stossel is my former boss) resulted in a bit of controversy. But despite the not-so-warm reception last year, Bolton returned again to discuss why he believes a neoconservative foreign policy is best; and continue his defense of President Obama‘s “sensible” targeted assassination program.


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shut up Bolton.

shut up Bolton.

It looks like he flunked American history in school.

"Tens of thousands, MAYBE hundreds of thousands killed in the Civil War."
Union Casualties :
360,000 total dead
275,200 wounded
Confederate Casualties :
260,000 total dead
137,000 wounded

"and it was the right thing to do"

I hope this man gets run over by a bus

and dies in agonizing pain.

May what he wishes on others bring him to a swift end.


Free includes debt-free!