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(9/11 related) The Saga Of Barrett Brown: Inside Anonymous and the War On Secrecy

If you're not reading WhoWhatWhy.com, I'd strongly recommend you do. It's the website started by investigative journalist, Russ Baker (author of Family Of Secrets). And if you haven't read Family Of Secrets, I can't recommend that book highly enough. The family in question is the Bush family. A true eye-opener.


Alleged “hacktivist” Barrett Brown, the 31-year old mislabeled “spokesman” for the shadowy hacker collective known as Anonymous, faces federal charges that could put him away for over a hundred years. Did he engage in a spree of murders? Run a child-sex ring? Not quite. His crime: making leaked e-mails accessible to the public—documents that shine a light on the shadowy world of intelligence contracting in the post-9/11 era.

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If we don't pass this info along to (hopefully) wake people up then the intimidation tactics are simply going to continue to work. Barrett Brown has been in jail for over a year now for the crime of posting a URL in a forum.