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Glenn Beck apologizes to libertarians, begs them to welcome new people into the movement

Glenn Beck is upset about how he's received by libertarians. He says we're unwelcoming to newcomers and compares some libertarians to Nazi's. He even goes as far to apologize to libertarians for not knowing about liberty sooner... he's begging us to be nice and teach him and everyone else about liberty.

"Libertarians, I'm begging you... please... see the opportunity you have with 30-60% of the nation... people will come your way."


Glenn Beck famously once called Ron Paul supporters terrorists. In spite of that, he makes some good points about how we treat new people like him, who used to not agree with or even be downright mean to us. I was one of them. This is worth listening to.

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You are absolutely right. While we should be skeptical, we should not turn away anyone interested in the Cause of Liberty.

I dont understand how some

I dont understand how some will actually turn people away when we are such a smal minority.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I'm calling it on you - BS

Nobody is really being turned away. I was completely in tune with Beck until I woke up and saw Beck and I had major differences. How he spoke on his Fox show was very different than how he was on his radio program - I didn't like radio Beck tho I still watched him on Fox.
If Beck is working towards something - whatever that may be - he doesn't need us to be with him or him to be with us. There are millions of rivers all over the world - each doing their own separate thing yet they all merge together into one ocean.
If Beck's path doesn't make too many turns, we'll all meet in that ocean eventually.
It's also rather convenient that he woke up to 'libertarianism' (that's a lie- he claimed to be a libertarian when he had his Fox show) AFTER Ron Paul is out of politics, don't you think? Paul and Santorum (Beck's pick) are like North and South Pole.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

He makes good points

The issue we (people that have one) have with Beck?

Is that we don't trust him.

So here's an idea for some enterprising video jockey out there. There are plenty on this board:

Make a video compilation of Beck's positions on key issues.
The things he said, in his own words, that make us not trust him. Call it "WHY WE DON'T TRUST YOU"

- about Ron Paul (specifically)

- about Deborah Medina

- backing Romney

etc etc

Don't do it in an insulting manner. Just feed him back his own recorded words. Then

Send it to him.

Tell him that - if he is willing to address the things in that video, point by point, on his show ...

And publicly discuss them, explain them, and say whatever specific apologies he needs to for what he said and did?

That would go a long way with people toward giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Because this general rant - although he does make good points - is not enough for people to trust that his motivations are sincere.

Send him an email explaining

Send him an email explaining this to him.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Calling Libertarians Nazis???

That's gonna win em over Beck! If they don't like you now, it's cause you haven't called em NAZI'S enough times yet; they will like you soon. You're disliked because of your lack of honesty, loyalty, and critical thought. Find some of those 3 things, and you'll be more liked. Calling names doesn't change anything.

You CLEARLY did not hear or

You CLEARLY did not hear or understand what he said. He called the fraction of all or nothing libertarians nazis, and the reference is a common reference to people who want everything their way. He even said how would you like when people in DC behaves like that. If you don't, then don't do it.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

He can't even honestly admit the simple reason he is disliked...

It's simple. Beck is hypocritical and two-faced. While Beck did not "hate on" Ron Paul in 2008 or 2012 per say, Beck PULLED FOR Romney; whole-heartedly. Whatever motivated him to support Romney in such spirit, I don't want any. And I don't want that same "motivating force" (demonic possession) behind libertarianism.

No Beck is just echoing some of Ron Paul's sentiments like MSM-fed talking points... "Endless wars; hundreds of military bases, world policing..."

Let me see if I have this

Let me see if I have this right. Conservatism as an ideology has become worthless, because real conservatives did not protect the message from those who diluted and compromised, and who waved its flag while doing non-conservative things which would later tarnish the public perception of the ideology.

Now Glenn Beck is saying what? That we have a chance to bring in more people by turning libertarianism into the next conservatism?

More importantly, the reason libertarians refuse Beck's olive branches isn't that he's late to the game, it's because to anyone with half a brain Beck either comes across as an insincere sociopath, or as someone far "crazier" than the "crazy libertarians" he denounces.

Ask Robin Koerner, or Glenn Greenwald, or Cornell West, or Dennis Kucinich, or even friggin' Alan Grayson, if the liberty movement is welcoming to non-purists.

Sorry, Glenn, it's not ideological, it's just you.

Did any of you hating on Beck watch the video?

I'm very skeptical of Beck, but at least he has the balls to admit when he is wrong on things like foreign policy and the Patriot Act. I saw this as his attempt to form a coalition behind a candidate like Rand Paul so the Republican party isn't forced to nominate another handpicked establishment candidate again in 2016.

Only problem I can see with his request is that yes, forming this coalition will work as long as it is around a candidate like Rand, but if you try to move it to someone else who values different issues more it won't.

This is not a new act from

This is not a new act from Beck. He's been saying this to appeal to "libertarians" for some time now. He's still not even saying anything. Glenn Beck is not out there driving home the message of Austrian economics, Civil Liberties, the police state, the federal reserve, or even the military industrial complex. He's still not really saying much of anything. This is a gimmick of Mr. Beck. Do your own DD, don't take my word for it. Watch out for Glenn Beck, especially when it concerns Rand Paul. Glenn Beck is a snake and will bite you in the ass, given the opportunity.

Seriously, you can't be that

Seriously, you can't be that thick, can you? You mean he wants the 1-2% of the population to love him? Are you kidding, or what?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Beck wants 1-2% of the population? Of Course!

that means an 'potential' audience increase of about 3-6 million viewers, so, um, Yeah. 1-2% will do since his ratings have plummeted.

Why Libertarians? They're a more reliable, politically passionate and consistent anchor for consistent ratings.
Beck may be sincere, but to those of us who actually read our Bibles, he's immature in both his christianity and libertarianism. Am I any better than he? No, but I'm not in the national spotlight acting arrogant, condescending while, unabashedly, using profane language while preaching Christian morals on the radio. To sum, Beck is in just enough of a position to bring disrepute on both and really mess things up.
So yeah, Beck. We KNOW you, by your past Fruits which so far, has changed every year, far too slowly. Take time to learn & grow, but not from on top of our shoulders, but from our sides, shoulder to shoulder.
I expect to see more changes in Beck b4 2014. I predict he'll end up Rubio's butt in 2014 & down the tubes with the Republicans come Dec 2014, but I hope not.

Galatians 5:1
It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Oh insults. You must be a

Oh insults. You must be a student of Glenn Beck. :)

What does Glenn Beck really talk about? What types of issues take up the most of his shows?

Cyril's picture

Well, I did...

Well, I did... And I got his admitting about a few things. One thing he omitted to clarify, though:

how does he think he COULD NOT fall AGAIN and REDO his past judgment errors?

When you learn something, it's either from something completely new you're being presented with, or from your own errors. In the latter case you draw a lesson - with a retrospective on your wrong assumptions, and/or flawed logic, and eventually, false conclusions anyway.

I missed the part where he made that sort of analysis.

Pointers, anyone?

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

It's a good question

and I don't think he even can say he won't be wrong on something again in the future. But the point isn't to go to Beck to ask him to be our leader or to have him tell us how to think, the point is to work with him to promote a candidate we all can support in a primary. Right now, it seems like it would be possible with Rand, but if at the end of the day several of us can't agree with Beck's pick on a presidential candidate then it won't work.

If your pick for president

Is based on someone else's opinion of that candidate, then you don't have a firm understanding of individuals. You should be the sole decider of politicians based on their morals and principles in comparison to your own. And for you to suddenly jump the bandwagon to a well-known neo-con doesn't speak well for your character; at least in a movement that is anti neo-con.

I never said your pick should be based on someone

I never said your pick should be based on someone else's opinion, I said your pick could be consistent with someone else's pick, and it may not even be for the same reason. I'm not really sure why you are addressing people who make their choices based on other people's opinions. I also never said I was "jumping the bandwagon" to a "well-known neo-con," I said him and I potentially agree on a political candidate running in a future republican primary and I acknowledged that it would be beneficial to the both of us for us to work together to further said politicians campaign.

It appears you have a very difficult time with reading comprehension.

Okay. Looks like I'll have to quote you.

I never said your pick should be based on someone else's opinion, I said your pick could be consistent with someone else's pick, and it may not even be for the same reason.

Right now, it seems like it would be possible with Rand, but if at the end of the day several of us can't agree with Beck's pick on a presidential candidate then it won't work.

I suppose electing Rand is impossible if we can't agree with Beck that he's the right choice. Or maybe I'm just fucking retarded and "have a very difficult time with reading comprehension."

Electing Rand is impossible

If we can't learn to form coalitions with other people who may support the same candidate we support but maybe for different reasons. Coalitions win (fair) elections.

You said if you support a

You said if you support a candidate that he doesn't support, "it won't work." What won't work? Rand won't win? Your candidate won't win? That's what he's referring to when he said you're jumping the bandwagon. Let Beck do what Beck does. You do what you do. To some how insinuate we need to "work together" (wtf does that even mean?), isn't really going to get us anywhere. You're campaigning to have people support Beck, when in reality, people should focus on supporting the candidate, not using a proxy like Beck, because he won't do what you hope he does in the end.

He's only accountable to the person signing the front of his check.

Forming a coalition won't work

Forming a coalition with another (e.g. Beck) won't work if the candidate you support and the candidate Beck supports is different. This is not that difficult to understand people.

Wow Beck is gunna send me a

Wow Beck is gunna send me a few hundred bucks so I can canvas for Rand? Sweet.

Oh, wait...

Yeah, nice "coalition." This is about the 5th post you've made shilling for Beck. Give it a rest.

I fucking hate glen beck

and I also hate dumb people who can't wrap their heads around simple concepts like political coalitions, how they work, and why they are significant.. yeah, so basically i hate you.

And the truth shall be

And the truth shall be revealed. :)

libertarians don't need him

libertarians don't need him to form a coalition around anyone, we'll do it ourselves if we believe someone is sincere and principled. No one sold me on Ron Paul, it only took me stumbling upon one of his speeches on YouTube and I was hooked (I believe the title was something like, "So this is what truth sounds like?"). I was a neocon before that, so I can empathize with Beck. I was a Fox/Hannity/Rush/Levin drone.

Ron Paul didn't have to do anything but speak and he amassed the biggest grass roots movement in modern American history, in my opinion at least.

If Beck really wants to bring people to libertarianism he just needs to keep talking and stop seeking validation (which looks like whining for some titular position of a party or movement). Everyone will decide if he's sincere or not. And he hinted to it at the end of this video, about coming back tomorrow, and the next day.

Good, that was the easy part. Now let's see if he can deliver on his words.


No one needs anyone to form a coalition, it's a voluntary act. But if we want to put a guy in the WH that follows the principals we highly value, that will never happen unless we form coalitions with people like Beck who are fiscally conservative. That's the entire point of a political coalition, people come together and support a candidate and not all of them for the same reasons.

I don't necessarily think he wants to bring people to libertarianism, I think he is trying to figure out how we can form a wide enough base around a candidate like Rand Paul in order to first and foremost get him out of the primaries as the nominee. That's challenge number 1, which we obviously were unable to do by just ourselves with RP in 2012.

I don't think Beck really

I don't think Beck really cares about the things fought for in the Liberty Movement. What I think Glenn Beck is really thinking is "how can I make a quick buck"? He will dance on the line of the Liberty Movement, only to get the audience of the 'Tea Party', 'Libertarian' types, but he won't fully cross the line or talk about the real issues. He'll only continue with the same talk of hate and division as all the other political radio show hosts and talking heads.

Well if that's his goal, he's

Well if that's his goal, he's doing a terrible job and he's just getting started. You don't look for acceptance by insulting people. Or make sarcastic, condescending apologies like, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for not being as smart as you."


I don't think he really had much of a chance to be honest, most of the people around here are on their high horse because they think they are some independent thinking political innovators but when it comes to people they label "neocons," that idea of independent thinking and evaluation goes out the window.

As far as the apology you considered condescending, I guess I didn't really see it that way. I saw it more as him acknowledging the fact that he--like everyone else in the world--is not perfect. He has been wrong in the past and will likely make mistakes again in the future.