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Glenn Beck apologizes to libertarians, begs them to welcome new people into the movement

Glenn Beck is upset about how he's received by libertarians. He says we're unwelcoming to newcomers and compares some libertarians to Nazi's. He even goes as far to apologize to libertarians for not knowing about liberty sooner... he's begging us to be nice and teach him and everyone else about liberty.

"Libertarians, I'm begging you... please... see the opportunity you have with 30-60% of the nation... people will come your way."


Glenn Beck famously once called Ron Paul supporters terrorists. In spite of that, he makes some good points about how we treat new people like him, who used to not agree with or even be downright mean to us. I was one of them. This is worth listening to.

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I am registered Republican who lives liberty. There are more libertarians than democrats and republicans. They are a motley crew, indeed. It is difficult. I do not know whether to cling to hope, or let things take its course.

Please stay in this movement. I do not like the way our Republic is turning out, nor do I like to be alone.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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Beck does have point. Some

Beck does have point. Some libertarians can be sort of clickish. Beck has millions of followers who listen to what he has to say. Maybe he has seen the light.

I agree, and see my above

I agree, and see my above post on this issue. You'll get voted down too and the people that trash Beck get voted up. It is the my way or the highway approach that will be unsuccessful. In 20 years they'll complain the conspiracy and establishment keeping them down, never looking at themselves as maybe the issue...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Oh Please

Watch this video then defend him. Get over yourself. You are the one acting self-righteous and saying that if we don't agree with YOU then WE are being jerks. I don't buy your BS. If you can't take being disagreed with then don't post. Watch this video. It's short and to the point. Most people that whine the loudest post stuff without even bothering to listen to what others have to add. I will bet you are one of them. You WON'T watch this video and comment on it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBmMsTkc9ms


Defend what exactly? What is

Defend what exactly? What is it you are so upset about? That he made a humorous cover picture pretending to cry (spoofing himself crying a lot on TV)? It was a joke...

It was GQ's idea to have him "cry." ""The crying was my idea, and Glenn was cool with trying it," Greenberg says. "We used mentholated balm to make his eyes tear up naturally. From then on it was acting on his part. He had fun with it and was a great sport."


Next you will tell me Letterman is a serious newscaster..

I mean, seriously, the stuff you are pointing to just makes my point. It is silly nonsense... Give me something of substance and maybe I will take a bit more serious...

So in fact I DID disprove your point by not only watching this silly video, but also commenting..... ball in your court..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

((((( OldNo.7J.D. )))))

^ Look at skippy d's post above mine ^

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Until gb and those other corrupted profitiers

have an entire segment explaining to the American people how corrupt this govt. is, makes a sincere apology to each and every one of the ones who they slammed, and states specifically who on BOTH sides of the aisle voted for all of the atrocities that oppose this Republic, our Constitution, then I will continue my highway approach.

Regrets are for the youth. I am well past that age. If msm doesn't come clean, I have NO use for it or them.

I did not up or down vote you. I will leave this for you to consider.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This is no apology. His

This is no apology. His contempt for the Libertarian/Liberty movement is palpable. What a lying sack of garbage.

Beck's Real Message

What Beck is really saying is libertarians are fascists unless we all conform and submit to he new messiah (who incidentally has his own tv station) and if we all conform and submit we will be happy little "libertarians" and the world will be a better place. That stuff might work for you morman folk and if it does good luck to you. But don't ask me to conform and submit to anyone.

Beck's idea of spreading libertarianism is just the same as his previous support for spreading democracy. You cannot dictate democracy and Beck and everyone else should learn that a free person will welcome those they believe they have comity with and ignore, reject and/or ridicule those who are false prophets or who do not accept that individual.

Why would a libertarian care whether libertarians welcomed another "into the the fold" we are not a collective. There is no top down hierarchy there is only respect. Dr Paul never asked let alone demand that I or anybody else support him. Dr Paul put his position and asked that if I had enough common ground with his position that I join his efforts to support those parts of the good doctor's beliefs and the good doctor. Dr Paul never asked that I join in lockstep with him or any organisation. Accordingly I chose to give my support. If Beck cannot understand this he is no libertarian and is rightly rejected.


Well that's about what I thought Beck would say. He doesn't want any of you to think you're god because he hates the competition. This guy is crazier than I thought he was.
And why the fascination with urine? First he markets a jar of his own, now he's concerned about someone emptying their bladder on him, weird!
But I have never met a libertarian who behaves in a manner consistent with his ranting. He misses the whole point, I believe, of the movement.
And, on that note, I came to the Daily Paul, NOT, because of any ideology, ie. Libertarian, but because of the principle of liberty, PERIOD!
I neither seek agreement with all of you, nor expect it from you. My support for Ron Paul goes back more than thirty years. His ideas haven't changed, they've grown and matured with his increased knowledge, like most of us.
The struggle is between a marxist, collectivist, ideology and a free market, liberty based ideology.
Beck wants to take it a step further, he wants you to follow him. This guy is a classic narcicist megalomaniac. And be very concerned about his theology, that's where he gets real scary.
Beck is in this for Beck; ratings, books, money.
Oh, and did you like the one percent? How about 11-14% in every republican contest, Glenn! And, if Dr. Paul had not been blocked by the mainstream media, you Glenn (along with the neocons like you; Hannity, Rush, etc.) and the RNC he would be our current president.
Yeah you're welcome to join the liberty movement Mr. Beck but don't expect a love fest while you spit and sneer when referring to those of us who have been living by these principles for years.

RON PAUL is the GOLD STANDARD of politics, his value never changes; it's tied to the CONSTITUTION!

And If you Don't

follow Glenn then in 2016 Mao Tse-Tung or Chris Christie will be our president in 2016. Caution Rand Paul, you need to keep your distance from this guy.

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.

I though it was very good and seemed sincere

we are smart enough to hold him accountable if he plays any games. For all we know he may have played the game to get in the mainstream. Don't be hardheaded people, any gravy he makes from us joining him will just make our movement grow. Keep an open mind and lets see where this can take us.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Glenn Beck is such an

Glenn Beck is such an intellectual lightweight that the best we can do is ignore him.

Yes, but...

He's a Giant, compared to those who listen to him... and that's why he is a problem for the Liberty Movement.

RATING$$$$ i$ written all over Glenn Beck'$

face. Ain't buying one bit of hi$ $$$$hit!!

Trojan Horse

That is all I can say, Trojan Horse!

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.



The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

have you ever noticed how 'bossy' Beck is?

I mean--

he wants to be in control ALL the time--

he's always begging, pleading, lecturing--

wants to be in front, on top, in control--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The MSM Knows Their Power Over Us

is slipping and they are trying to jump to the winning side. They are all fake sellout losers that have betrayed us for decades. If we let them fool us again then we are not worthy of Ron Paul or the liberty movement! PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBmMsTkc9ms


i can't watch that

he's such a scumbag


That's how bad it is. THAT is what some people here are thinking changed his spots!


When people find Rush Limbaugh

too masculine, they turn to Glenn Beck.

The liberty movement does not need Glenn's silly dogma. He needs freedom lovers more than they need him. Authoritarians are afraid of freedom. Real freedom also scares most Americans, which explains the success of Rush, Beck, Sean , and that cram down guy with the high pitch anger. They are fear amplified.

Liberty is difficult for people with no backbone.

Let's be a little less harsh

Personally, I thought that it was an excellent speech. Whether you like him or not, I felt like he made some pretty good points.

I think for whatever reason, Beck had to sell out a couple years ago, but now with his new independent outlets, I think he's slowly returning to where he left off (for awhile there he was sounding halfway decent). Like anything, I'd take it with a grain of salt, but I'd deem it unwise to close the door on someone so begging to join in coalition.

Parties in Europe come together all the time. This is the American equivalent, and we should not disown this opportunity.

Get Real!

Did you watch the video I posted below? If not, do so and THEN post a comment.


And anyway...

I am not saying to trust him. I am not even saying to forgive him, but I am saying we shouldn't go out of our way to shout him down. His message at the moment isn't that bad relative to others in talk radio with that type of audience. Plus the guy has fallen head over heals for Rand, which can't be the worse thing in the world. Now Rand is no Ron, but as of now, I don't seen anyone else on the immediate horizon for our side of the spectrum with any type of chance.

I don't have to watch

I don't have to watch your video to post a comment

Hmm so after he dogged Ron

Hmm so after he dogged Ron Paul... Now he flips... Why don't we just back Romney? I would guess he is losing his audience and looking for a new one. Everyone has a choice and mine is not to trust this guy. When liberty had a chance in the 2012 election he attacked it.

He's' A Fake

through and through. Quit listening to his BS. WATCH THIS FOR PROOF! If you believe ANYTHING this pos says after watching this then you be a fool!


listening to him speak is frustrating..

he still just sounds like neo-con to me. i would like to talk to him and just try and see what he is really thinking about different topics and ask have u listened to ... or ... and just see what he thinks is so different about himself now besides finally realizing the gov't doesnt give a shit about you.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

His Puppets

acted like they were not sure what to say or do. Glenn spoke over them a couple of times. And what is this about with Rand and saving $500,000.00? Ron returned his Operating money every year as well as return his pay check. Gosh Glenn, get out of the ditch!

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.