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Glenn Beck apologizes to libertarians, begs them to welcome new people into the movement

Glenn Beck is upset about how he's received by libertarians. He says we're unwelcoming to newcomers and compares some libertarians to Nazi's. He even goes as far to apologize to libertarians for not knowing about liberty sooner... he's begging us to be nice and teach him and everyone else about liberty.

"Libertarians, I'm begging you... please... see the opportunity you have with 30-60% of the nation... people will come your way."


Glenn Beck famously once called Ron Paul supporters terrorists. In spite of that, he makes some good points about how we treat new people like him, who used to not agree with or even be downright mean to us. I was one of them. This is worth listening to.

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Neocons or the republican party in general

They need our votes to win on a national level... assuming the votes are actually counted.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

In other words, the

In other words, the republicans and neoconservatives need our vote in order to win? So the 2 million votes would have made us win in 2012? (That's what Paul got)

You do know Romney lost with over 6 million votes, right? How would our 2 million votes they need so much make a difference? How has it ever made a difference?

Explain that to me. I know how you may feel EMOTIONALLY, but tell me what facts you base it on.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

You're right...

We don't matter. Not sure what I was thinking.

You don't happen to know the number of people who voted in '08 but not '12 do you? Surely that couldn't have been enough to swing the vote either...

What exactly is your point? I don't have time for silly games so just get to it.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

No, despite me being a

No, despite me being a libertarian, our vote really doesn't matter at this point. Maybe it will in small primaries, but not in general elections, thus far. If you want to be in denial about that, so be it.

My point is I am tired of seeing people isolating and pissing on others if they either don't go in line with EVERYTHING they believe and keep this holier-than-thou attitude.

You can google the number who voted in 2008 and 2012. Ron Paul got about 2 million votes.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I know the numbers

It was enough to swing the vote... if only they had a candidate they thought was worth the hassle.

I've "isolated and pissed on" nobody. Not one person. Your argument is not with me. On the other hand... you continue to make implications that you know more than the others here because they haven't been libertarian long enough as well as making comments that what we feel/are doing is useless and insignificant. How do you think that is received?

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

If Beck can help...

...get Rand Paul elected in 2016, that's good enough for me. As a former neocon myself, I am very glad to see that Beck, who has a huge following, has come around on things such as undeclared wars and the Patriot Act.

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Rand Paul getting elected in 2016

is good enough for you? Beck is good enough for you? Hmmm... sounds like an extension of Fox news rallying around Romney.

Liberty minded people welcome those..

who endorse liberty. I welcome all, just not Beck.

Like others have said, he's got to talk the talk for a while before he'll be trusted by freedom lovers.

Fool me once....

After the horrible things he said about Medina and Ron Paul; literally calling we supporters 'Terrorists,' Beck will have to go through a good long period of walking the talk for me to entertain the thought of welcoming him.

I know that people can have an awakening after 40, I'm living proof.

But I'm going to need to see a lot of learning and growing with guests like Napolitano, Woods, Paul(s), Rockwell, Molineaux, etc., and a lot less chalkboarding, nazi ranting and tears.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

I was very angry about that.

I was very angry about that. He torpedoed her, with some help from Hannity. But everyone makes mistakes. If he's really coming around, we should accept everyone who wakes up and help them learn. Don't we want as many people as possible to understand and support liberty? I know I do.


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"Don't we want as many people as possible...

to understand and support liberty?"

Yup, but I doubt Glenn Beck will help in that endeavor.

I used to be a neocon

I BELIEVED Iraq had wmds I believed Saddam had something to do with 911, I believed the invasion was justified at the time, I believed it because that's what I was told by all the reputable news outlets, like NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX and all the rest of the alphabet soup because that's the information I had available to me. If I had not seen that bumpersticker in front of me that said "Google Ron Paul" I never would have known how wrong I was.

Please welcome all these new liberty leaning people. They need time to assimilate the information, we have had a lifetime of conditioning.


Occupy and libertarians

Beck also associated Occupy with Libertarians- I think the most famous was Captain Midnight. Libertarians were there to educate the angry mobbers. We were not there to be socialists. We want them to understand the bigger picture.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.

This was painful to watch

I kept waiting for the apology mentioned in the thread title, and never heard it. I believe he said he was sorry he wasn't as smart as us, but that's like my wife telling me she's sorry I'm such a jerk.

I recall a quote saying great minds talk about ideas, and small minds talk about people. And by focusing on people, and our behavior, calling us nazis, he's turning many away from the ideas we have.

But as others have said, if he can get to the ideas, we should welcome him.

Has to be tough for a guy who's made millions in a position revered for being some kind of expert, to have to admit he was wrong. It was alot easier for most of us - alot less to lose.

So psychologically, in the process of changing, perhaps he has to deflect some blame from himself onto us. Maybe then his followers won't notice as much when he shifts into the libertarian camp.

Can you imagine what would happen if one day he just flat out announced he was wrong, Ron Paul was right, and he is now a libertarian and the wars on terror and drugs are bad. His followers would instantly reject him and our ideas. Maybe its better that he slowly changes and drags his followers with him. The ol' warming the water slowly to boil the frog idea.


I have to say I Sympathize with Beck on this issue. I have long thought that libertarians are too intolerant of new people and differing ideas. While Becks behaivor during the election was deplorable, maybe we should turn the other cheek on this one. There would be a lot of benefit for the Liberty Movement to have a radio performer of his size promoting the cause of liberty to millions of NeoCon/Moral Majority type voters.

I say we welcome Glenn.

I was extremely pissed off at him during the election season and there is no doubt that he hurt our cause. Because of him, many people went with the Saantorum camp and then when he dropped, Glenn was all about how great Romney is.

So, he is willing to admit he was wrong, he has seen the light of day, he wants to support Rand. I say, bring him on board. If he is a subversive, he will show his true colors in time. If he is sincere, he can be a huge help to the liberty movement.

Lets forgive and move foward with the cause.

Why does he need us to give him a stamp of approval?

If he really cares about liberty then let him prove it by being pro-liberty. The movement is not about one person. It's about the ideals. Free markets, free speech, sound money, non-aggression, etc.

I'd welcome Glenn like I'd welcome Gonorrhea...

He's demonstrated in the past that he simply can't be trusted. Woe be to anyone that falls for his spew. He's an opportunist and would sell you out to the devil for a buck.

For any of you mesmerized by Beck, be warned. He's no friend to the TRUE cause of LIBERTY!

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

I do agree with what Glenn

I do agree with what Glenn Beck is saying here. Many Libertarians are arrogant, holier than thou, quick to eat their own, quick to make enemies out of friends and unforgiving. Of course fascist is the wrong word to use and offensive to many of us here. But the way he's using it isn't any new way of misusing the word. People misuse the word fascist in this way all the time.

I wish more libertarians were open to uniting with people who are still asleep or half asleep and don't understand the non aggression principle on a whole but agree or could agree with us on certain issues. Even certain big issues.

My recommendation is to follow Ron Paul's and Judge Napolitano's example. Lets be friendly with everyone. You rarely win anyone over to an argument with an argument. People have to convince themselves. And if they think your a jerk, it's unlikely they'll want to convince themselves over to your side. Even when your right and they know your right they wont be completely convinced because then they think that accepting you whole heatedly means becoming a jerk themselves.

Anyone can change. Even Glenn Beck. I did. Tom Woods did. Many of you did. Some of you hated libertarians and argued against them. Some of you thought Ron Paul was a nutcase.

There are people here because of Glenn Beck. There are people here who still like Glenn Beck. And we alienate those people when we don't follow the Paul and Napolitano examples of not attacking people and only attacking bad principles and philosophies.

I actually came here because of Glenn Beck, believe it or not!..

I first started loving the constitution because of Glenn's CNN HLN show and how he talked about the constitution and I just loved it that he didn't seem at the time to be a party hack, so due to his influence I heard Ron Oaul I just fell in love that we have a pundit like that and NOW a politician like that?! Wow, lucky me! Then I assumed Glenn would love RP and I remember being sick to my stomach when I heard GB insult PR and condemn him. But I eventually outgrew Beck and followed RP more and more and here I am today. Let us not be hypocrites guys...

Ron Paul 2012

Of course Beck is right. The

Of course Beck is right. The proof is in the responses you see by some here... as you said it "arrogant, holier than thou, quick to eat their own, quick to make enemies out of friends and unforgiving."

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Glen you have done the crimes now you got to do the time.

Truth and Reconciliation.....I want to know more about your real overseers Glen the truth will set you free.

Glen you have to atone for sins to be forgiven. Step 1 is a full confession. Who paid you to do what and when?

What motivated your actions against Debra Medina the liberty candidate running against Rick Perry (doing quite well at the time) that you backstabbed, (no way for a man to treat a lady Glen) with 911 controversy during a political election interview? Who was behind you reccomending that stratigy? Glen, Debra was against property tax, the tool used to usurp private ownership conveying my property to the state making me a renter on my own land. You backstabed her and took ownership of property of all Texans away for years to come. To me thats a huge crime against me. So ill feel satisfied with a confession, appoligy to Debra Medina. Payment for damages, the property taxes I am being extorted for the time since your interview derailed the person that would have stopped the extorted theft called property tax. Its only fair. Why should you profit at my expense then ask for forgivness without having to pay the losses you have caused. Ill be glad to forgive. Glen ill never be able to forget or trust you.

Why do you vilify those who want to have an additional investigation on the 911 crime.

I think Glen you have blood on your soul but thats between you and the one who reads back your book of life.


Non-aggression is the key

This arrogant jackass has been telling people how to think like a neocon/radical christian and badmouthing us for years. Now he says we need to be nicer to him because he finally gets it?

No Glenn, you start talking non-aggression and we might have something to talk about. Until then we can all work toward many of the same goals but we will not embarce you just because you call yourself a libertarian.

He dont get it

He is a flim flam man playing you.


How long have you been a

How long have you been a libertarian?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

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I see you keep asking people this

I have been a libertarian since about 87/88 ish. I was born in 85. Do the math. Now... since I am actually a pretty humble person I know that does not make me better than anyone, there are probably people here who have only been a libertarian for a few years and they might fulfill the role better than I. That being said, it doesn't matter how long someone has been a libertarian if they are in it for the paycheck or in it to change the meaning of the word to suit their bank account.

I get it. You were a

I get it. You were a libertarian at 3-4 years old? Tell me something I will actually believe. Or explain what made you get into politics at 3 years old...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

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I don't even really call myself a libertarian now I just am. However, I have been hearing about politics in a very extreme and constant fashion from my Dad for as long as I can remember.

My bad, what my comment should have said is this I have not been a neocon or a liberal for as long as I can remember except a brief run in with a group of traveling hippies in early college but even then it wasn't genuine because it was more to make my Dad mad..

The point I tried to make, is it doesn't matter how long does it? I cannot claim being a libertarian at the age of 3 I hardly claim being one now, I can claim that if I wanted to talk to my Dad it was to be about serious matters and often political and there is no way for me to make you believe that. I see people around here being called purists or whatever you want and it always makes me think of my Dad he is all liberty all the time that's what we talk about and that is all I really ever remember talking about with him.

Back to my point... length of membership does not matter to me nor should it matter to you or anyone else. If it's not genuine then it is not helpful, and I am personally having a hard time finding Glenn Beck's words genuine. Just as you do not believe my story, I do not believe Beck's story.

If you want Glenn Beck, he is there for the taking and good luck to you, him, and Rand in 2016, but it's not about tenure.

The liberty movement sure

The liberty movement sure attracts all kinds of people from looneys to regular people. From paranoid conspiracist theorist to well thought out rational people. From unforgiven zealots to forgiven souls.

It is hard to read some of the responses here to Beck. It really is. If all of us had lived on radio expressing our views for the last 20 years I am wondering what each of could find on another that would contradict the holier-than-thou position some take now.

Examine your own life and look at what you have said and done in it that wasn't pure. If it was, then you are just that --- a saint. But even saints shouldn't cast stones at others who try to mends their sins.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Yes yes poor put upon Beck.. We are so mean to him

We should turn the other cheek and by that I mean asscheek so your kind and his kind can get your fill again.

I've been a libertarian for as long as I can remember..

The first time we studied the Constitution and our revolutionary past.

The first time I held a gun in my hands and relished in it that I could have one.

The times at 11-15 that I got to stay up and see the news showing the corruption.

So for close to 40 years as a libertarian I've watched people like you promote "forgiveness" when what you really mean to do is break down walls so the flood of perversion to ideals can take place. This is how the Tea Party was damaged... by Trojan Horses. It's an age old tactic of deception and misdirection.

I for one will NOT fall for it and if you think that my words are harsh.. wait to see the actions of me and many like me.

This is not your usual political game buddy... It's no game at all.

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