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Craigslist Ad (Politics section) For Local Support (Draft) Participation Requested...

Are you getting PUSHED AROUND by Uncle Sam?

Do you go to bed every night with the worry brought on from some type of legal issue you are facing even though you feel you've done nothing wrong?

Do you believe you OWN your BODY and that nobody else can regulate what you do with it?

Have you "taken a stab" at the study of law, made a pretty good showing, but since you had NO WITNESSES to the event you feel the opposition was able to push you around and sidestep the rules?

Do you believe that rights are something you by law are able to exercise without paying any fees or being required to get a license?

...and finally... do you wish there was a local group that was uniting in order to put a stop to all this injustice?

That group is uniting now. Call us...

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The purpose of this ad

is not about trying to educate any newcomers. I believe we've by and large studied up quite a bit. We know what's wrong... we just don't have the WITNESSES available to prove what's going on and restore law and order to government...

So I think we're fighting the wrong battle. We need to STOP focusing on waking people up, informing ourselves and educating others... and START "congealing" the support that already exists for our efforts.

Consider: Everything you've already done is already online somewhere educating others while you sleep. That task is complete as far as I'm concerned.

If you - had massive local support for your efforts, your efforts would have ALREADY MATERIALIZED by now!

Any questions?