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Matt Larson - Reaching out to Ron Paul

I have not heard Matt for a while.. so, fyi:


Edit: Adam does not endorse everything that he himself said. Humble is good :-)

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Give it back?

Ron Paul never owned RonPaul.com. It's not like he once owned it and forgot to renew it.

Liberty NOW!!

Thank you Adam Kokesh and Matt Larson for being active in this movement, I appreciate your work.

kind people rock

So we all want to hear what RP has to say


( ( Granger ) )

lol.. I only posted that because I was curious about what Matt was doing for the cause. If Ron speaks, I will be happy to listen. But if he chooses not to, I will be just as happy and will respect his privacy :-)

You seem a little on edge lately.. is everything ok? I wish you well, Granger :-)

edit: that was not me who voted you down, so please don't bite my head off, lol.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Why tease me?

I'm not going to knock adam or matt.. just saying we all agree.



I was not teasing you! I think the message board messes things up because there is no emotion in the typing. That is why I do not participate in boards or chat, other than posting here because it is the only place for Liberty and honest news. And really cool people :-)

I am going to duck now because it feels like you are going to put that terminator outfit on for me :-O

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


you do?!


Many people do. We have something to learn and want to learn it. I'm all for following Ron Paul into the GOP and taking loyalty oaths to be a national delegate, get on a committee seat, vote for liberty candidates, because I understand his message within restore the republic. I also have assumption about the rompaul.com issue, and only he can clear those up.

Is your loyalty oath to the

Is your loyalty oath to the Constitution or to the Republican party?

It is important to know this, because generally these are mutually exclusive positions.

To both, plus there is a 470, will not commit purgery

I figure, they held us to the GOP loyalty oath, and we will hold them to the constitution loyalty oath.

Nice reply. I like that. BTW

Nice reply. I like that.

BTW - Hope you do really well at your convention.

Bump for Matt.

Go Ron Paul, Peace!

Free includes debt-free!