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Dr. Steve Jones Warns About Teslatronix

I sent the following Daily Paul post to our friend Dr. Steve Jones (9/11 Truth) and asked what he thought, since he is currently involved in Energy Freedom research.


Here is his reply:

"I have looked into this "Teslatronix" guy further. People in the energy-research community are noting that he is STEALING others ideas and selling them. This is causing BIG problems for the open-source alt-energy community. In the words of a researcher I respect (Mark V in OK),

'Beside selling Slayer's schematics for $25 that are available free online and selling Tesla towers for $325, he went against Slayers well known and respected request, of not doing anything commercially with the circuits.

'Indeed, as Chet mentioned, on contacting the guy, Slayer was bluntly told to 'F Off'.

'Can Kickstarter really believe that a person who is so disrespectful to the actual creator of the system, would timely honor those who have glibly donated literally thousands of dollars to him thus far ?

'Open Source itself is being damaged by the greed of a single individual.
If Kickstarter continues to ignore and disregard such problems then who would wish to openly share circuits ?'

"Please do NOT support this fellow, teslatronix. Sad to see this stuff going on, very concerned. In due time, there will be legit devices for sale with proceeds/royalties going to inventors. -- Steven J"

Hope this helps to clear the air about Teslatronix.

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No Place For Intellectual Property In Libertarian Philosophy

Take it from an esteemed patent attorney (irony) Stephan Kinsella:


You're breaking my heart.

We were going to light our dome with one. The houses, if we ever get around to building them, will be acres away from it, it was the answer to one of our problems. Back to the garden solar lights plan.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


But have patience, and they may soon have something free for all of us!