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Legislation Introduced to Legalize Marijuana in Maryland

ANNAPOLIS - In the wake of votes to legalize marijuana in several states, a Maryland lawmaker has introduced legislation aimed at decriminalizing pot, regulating sales to adults 21 and older and allowing home growing in limited quantity.

Delegate Curt Anderson, D-Baltimore, who introduced HB 1453 on Thursday, sees the measure as a way to increase state revenue through means other than taxation. Decriminalizing marijuana, Anderson said, would relieve the financial burden on the criminal justice system from prosecuting possession charges and would save defendants from receiving criminal records.

The state would collect a $50 excise tax per ounce of marijuana sold wholesale. Residents who wish to grow marijuana would need to obtain a state issued identification “zip tie,” a cable that attaches to the plant, for $100 per year.


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Well, if he can pass this

then congrats to MD on its surplus. ha ha.

First 2 paragraphs make sense but...

A "zip-tie" cable to go on plants for residents? Lol dumbest thing I ever heard. What are those lawmakers smoking?

Sounds more like a dog license

Do I need to take my plant to a horticulturalist for a shot first?

Gun control

Governor Martin O'Malley aka The Teflon Leprechaun is trying to push through the toughest and most unconstitutional gun laws of all time in the U.S. I can't wait to vote his ass out of office, because this will certainly be his political death.

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Or we could just, y'know, live in harmony with nature without thinking we need to tax everything that moves, and/or photosynthesizes.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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