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Spy Drone Lobbyist Admits Indiscriminate Killing Policy

In Olympia, WA, Washington States capitol, there was a hearing yesterday on nullifying NDAA indefinite detention with written testimony from Rep. Justin Amash and a bill that would restrict drone usage and protect the 4th amendment rights of Washington Citizens. During the Drone hearing, a Spy Drone lobbyist named Paul Applewhite admitted on the record...

"We have changed our policy from indiscriminate killing, to discriminate killing."

This stunning admition was followed by an audible gasp from the crowd. Below is the link to the article by Seattle Examiner's Top Political Writer and liberty activist, Mikael Thalen.


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Mathew Alexander (pen name?)

Told how the US troops executed him because he wired the vest for the suicide bomber. How then, does this lobbyist escape that fate.

Extra-judicial killing of civilians is still a criminal act and and act of terror.

Free includes debt-free!

Thanks for posting. Here is