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Some Reflection on Our Movement: We Need To Keep Discussions Focused On Ideas

...and refrain from using words identified with groups of people. I've been having some luck sparking interesting and thoughtful discussions on facebook with friends I never thought would have something to say. You might be surprised by who comes out of the wood works. They just might get you thinking too...enlightenment. Here's my latest attempt at starting a conversation:

This is the United States of America, the land of the free and home of the brave. Where men can dream; and they can turn them into realities, if they pursue them. This is the true definition of manifest destiny and it resides within the hearts of every individual. That is the concept at least. But people have stopped dreaming and they've stopped trying; because they see a world that's in despair, they see a world that's falling about, and they've grown to depend on governments to fix them. That is a problem.

Some say that governments are necessary for a civil society; one that is peaceful and orderly. But what if our government was only meant to be a system of communication? One in which its purpose was to record and maintain the will of its people; and that the responsibility of our system was to make sure every right and every law was declared throughout the land. Declared: it means to make known. That is the only purpose of our government. But this world is in despair because our government now regulates and controls the people and the people feel powerless to make a difference. Our system no longer gives people hope. Our system was designed to give everyone a voice – a republic. Elections allow everyone to participate, yet those with the smallest of dreams face obstacles far more treacherous than those with the biggest. That is a problem.

The state of our union is dismal. We’ve allowed fear to control our actions and we’ve distorted the role of government. Government was never meant to be the deciders, regulators, and enforcers of good and evil. History shows that any system of rule who has dared go down that path has proven to fail. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights ensure that goodness will prevail because they guarantee the individual the right to pursue justice and pursue happiness.

If it was understood that government was just a system of communication, it would be considered an outdated system. Like a computer with Windows 95 or a car with a cassette player, our government has a 236 year old user interface in the form of elections. Modern technology has allowed individuals to connect with anyone instantly by using social media and the internet, yet when it comes to deciding the policy and the future of this country Americans still have to wait every 4 years to directly participate. You can always replace a cassette player in an old car and you can install a new version of windows on your computer; and you should have the same ability to bring about change as the law makers on Capitol Hill because we all have an equal stake. We all own an equal piece of government. Elections are no longer relevant in a society that’s always connected. Restoring freedom and an honest open conversation is the answer.

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I am finding these posts too much work to reply to anymore

Because to reply is to put in more than an hour of thought and for what? Maybe a vote or two on the comment and then no action.

Then I get frustrated and make a post on the action that the comment would have boiled down to. I make them in question form, educational form and even confrontational form and for what? Maybe a vote or 10, 2-3 "good post" comments, 3-4 "don't be so cynical" comments and then no action.

Then I get frustrated even more and goad someone into a heated debate so I can arouse the attention. And what for? It's the same end result.

I can't find any person on this site who wants to actually join forces on any action that accomplishes something so that's why I know that all these "let's focus on the ideas" posts are lame. They have no teeth and no prospect for the next step. I'm not talking about gathering a group to go protest or to make something go viral. I'm talking about building something that is both virally attractive in design and functional in ending some piece of tyranny. If you don't believe these ideas exist, think again. I've posted quite a few and there are many more floating around. Unfortunately, no one wants to do the hard work. Prove me wrong and I'll join in. Until then, keep complaining to the police state. They're so understanding.

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Good post. I fairly agree with your points. Upvoted.

Good post. I fairly agree with your points. Upvoted.

I even think we ought to NOT be ashamed and that it's PERFECTLY FINE, in my opinion, TO LOVE or TO HATE ... ideas, as long as WE KNOW EXACTLY WHY we do so (and can explain our rationales).

Hence, my earlier "Confessions of a hater":



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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Most Republicans have a lot in common

They want:

-Limited government
-Personal freedoms
-Balanced budgets

The catch is:
-Social Conservatism vs. Libertarianism

That gets ya every time.

I wish there was a solution, but I don't see it.


Prob Ron Paul's stances with letting states decide.

I lost you at "Government = Communication"

Are you just being idealistic in believing that Government can be abolished and replaced by direct communication among individuals - with no intermediaries and / or enforcement of justice by via delegation of powers?

Or are you saying that elections technology can and should be replaced by electronic means?

Either way I would take issue with it.

The beginning of your post was spot on though. imo.

Manifest Destiny

is nothing but an excuse to steal, rape, and exploit, and screw up this once beautiful continent and do so without guilt. Manifest Destiny is BS! As for the rest of your post, you are right about a lot of it but please leave out Manifest Destiny. It isn't a noble thing and makes it hard to get past that in order to read the rest of your post.


Manifest Destiny has been an excuse for government action.

Wherever government treads it treads on individual innovation and usurps individual incentives.

But if government didn't do it it wouldn't get done.

If it wasn't done, it wasn't needed.

Businesses are always begging for handouts, they would rather government did the unprofitable parts of their business.

The idea of manifest destiny being an individual right, but it
is trampled at every turn by government.

I use government's paper money. I buy power for government subsidized and indemnified nuclear power plants. My children are educated by agenda driven government programs. Sixteen percent of my neighbors work for the federal government. Forty-five percent of my neighbors get food stamps. The media is controlled by a government sanctioned cartel of broadcasters. And on on on.

Congress now says that I owe over 20oz Gold for all the good things they've done to me. But don't worry Congress will borrow more.

It comes back to the main question. What ought to be the proper role of government?

Free includes debt-free!