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Wall street is so rigged!

If you couldn't see it before you'd had to see it now. the Dow closed at 14000.57 after a massive week of news regarding The Feds open ends quantitative easing announcement. First The Fed announces it MAY reconsider its Mortgage Backed Securities program

Then after taking a hit on the announcement Wednesday the Dow regains its strength after another announcement that The Fed has no Clue how big its blowing this asset bubble

Finally after all is said and done the Dow reaches its infamous high of 14000.57 just before the weekend. now is that a coincidence or what?!

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Yep it is all computer

Yep it is all computer controlled you'd have to be pretty naive to believe TPTB have not had control of that for the last 10+ years at least. It will never crash completely unless they want it to for some reason.

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