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Michigan State Convention - This weekend. Report your experience.

Tonight was the District level meetings. We're in the 11th district which is Oakland & Wayne Counties... this is Romney country.

Once again, the establishment had the numbers to win but choose divisive methods in order to ensure victory.

Of course they printed out a list of "anointed" candidates which included an "Executive Group" but denied it was a slate. We had to nominate our people from the floor. We were outnumbered so we came out losers in the end, but we contested every election... and made them two hours late in getting to their bars/parties.

It would have been very easy for them to show some unity, and include some of the liberty folks on the anointed list, then they would have brought new life into the party. Instead, they have motivated our side to fight against them, to campaign for more delegates (instead of voters) so that we can flush the filth that is controlling the 11th.

This is the bottom line, they don't care to win at all, they desire to keep power. That is their first priority...Power, not the State, nor the Country.

I fully expected this to happen, but I am still disgusted. My district is not a party of unity, it is a party of selfish assholes. I'm sure I will be motivated to help these assholes going forward. (sarc)

Oh, and this another repulsive behavior... start the meeting with an invocation, where they pray to the Lord for unity, then they proceed to sow division with their actions.

Looking forward to tomorrow for the State wide meeting, where hopefully our numbers will be more closely matched!!

Anyone else have a more encouraging night?

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Do Michigan Delegates still frequent this site?

Please share your experiences. I'm wondering how other District caucuses went.

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