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Political Correctness Gone Wild

New York City educators have learned the hard way that there are some things that just don’t mix -- like using slavery to teach math.

The principal of P.S. 59, a well-thought-of elementary school that draws students from Midtown and the area around the United Nations, told the Daily News that she was “appalled” by the assignment and has ordered sensitivity training for all of the staff.

Last month, one of the fourth-grade teachers sent pupils home with math problems that were based on slavery. The pupils wrote the questions themselves after the teacher, Jane Youn, 32, told them to blend the lessons they had learned in social studies class with their math assignments, New York media reported.

Question 1 on the sheet, entitled “Slavery Word Problems Homework,” was written as a matter-of-fact subtraction problem. NY-1, a 24-hour news channel, reported that the question asked:

“In a slave ship, there can be 3,799 slaves. One day, the slaves took over the ship. 1,897 are dead. How many slaves are alive?”

The second question, the cable television station said, had multiple parts multiplication and addition. It said:


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While he was

While he was at it maybe he could have mentioned who was the slave ship owner.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

Maybe genius.

This might be the best thing I've ever read. It's really a brilliant lesson, it teaches kids so many connected ideas that should remain connected.

I will suggest that the teacher should have gone one step farther and given the crew and the slaves more personification and assigned an essay about how the slaves could have optimized their strategy. Seems a little bit advanced for 4th grade, though....