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Dear Glenn Beck,

Wow. I am truly moved. Where do I start.

You said all the right things. Going back to the Constitution, talking about the failed war on drugs, criticizing our foreign policy, and condemning the attacks on our civil liberties. You have even rejected the Republican establishment, and haven't been shy at all to confess your admiration for Rand Paul.

But then...you insulted us, and in a really weird way. You called us fascists, it was funny, I laughed. And you proceeded to rant about how we are "all or nothing"-types. Glenn, you're forgetting that libertarianism is simply centered around one thing, the non-aggression principle. If you can't accept that one principle, what are we supposed to agree on then? And that's not "all or nothing," it's just "one thing or sorry we disagree." You can't say that we aren't welcoming of new people in the movement because of our disagreements with them. What makes us who we are is the fact that we stick to what we believe in, and if we're willing to sacrifice that just for numbers, then what makes us different from the Democrats and Republicans? Plus, none of your criticisms at us really made any sense especially when you kept agreeing with us, like I said, it was weird.

Look, I wasn't born this smart, but I do thank you for that compliment; in fact, I used to be a socialist, a hard core liberal until I finally woke up. So it's okay for people to change their minds, and for people to come around, we expect that, in fact I personally expected that to happen a lot sooner with a lot more people. The thing is, it's hard for us to believe you and accept that you've come around because frankly, the things you've said and done in the past have been pretty ridiculous. You have always come off as an establishment shill, so it's not going to be easy for anyone to believe anything you say.

I live in the bluest of blue parts of this country, everyone I know is a hardcore Democrat. Being a former one, and now living amongst them, I know how they think and what they care about, and I know precisely how they feel about you. They HATE you. They think you're crazy. It's nothing personal, I'm just being honest, and it's not an exaggeration either. But you probably already know this. Now, you were probably right about one thing, Rand may well in fact be the best chance for us in 2016. But in order for him to do that, he's going to need some support from those socialists. Having you on our side doesn't help that one bit. Now we will obviously need the traditional Republicans, many of which like you, but a lot of which will do whatever the O'Reilly's, Hannity's, and Limbaugh's say, which will be the Christie/Rubio route. So you've become either a negative or a non-factor.

One thing you said that I thought was funny was that your defense for not co-opting the movement was that we are too insignificant to be co-opted, referring to us as only 1%. Now you must be crazy to think that we are only 1%, we are more and we are rising. And there's a growing number of media coming out supporting and endorsing our movement. And the movement is slowly starting to become more and more acceptable to talk about and align yourself with in the main stream, especially with young people. Now, all the new found attention is fantastic. And spreading the message of liberty is definitely admirable, but it can also be quite profitable. Now say we were only 1% of the population, and maybe you weren't trying to co-opt us. But, if you did succeed in connecting with us, that 1% could generate a good chunk of change. I'm not saying you are trying to capitalize on a growing niche market that can help sustain the lavish lifestyle you are living...I'm just implying it.

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If we all agreed on the Non Agression principle 100%

Then we'd all be Anarcho-capitalists. Government by definition requires the intitiation of force on some levels, either through taxation or unjust confiscation of property like ports or whatever that they can collect fees from in order to fund its own existance.

Plus the non-agression principle would require all of us to be for free immigration.

Ron Paul are non of the things i just listed.

Point being that there are degrees of liberty, and people have different ideas about which degree of liberty is preferable. Let's welcome everyone who wants more liberty and actually means it, otherwise we might as well reject everyone who's not an Anarcho-capitalist.

good point

Totally agree. I was just trying to emphasize the problem that I have with most people who criticize libertarians and the liberty movement, how it's hard for us to make any sacrifices on what we believe in because they all come back to the same principle. I can't compromise with people who are against the drug war but for the war on "terror" when we see both equally violating the same core beliefs we subscribe to.

Good response.

You were civil and called Glenn out on valid points and didn't have to use inflammatory language. This is important for worth while dialogue.

If we are only 1% why is Glenn trying to reach out to us? Clearly we make up more then 1% otherwise he wouldn't even bother.

Glenn, I'm not going to put you on blast. There are many others that are well over doing that for me. I am willing to hear out anyone who says they want to get back to the constitution. But because of your treatment of us in the past, you will have to take the abuse for a little while to come before people will trust you. And many will never trust you. Not saying that this is right or wrong. But that is how it is. If you are sincere, you will continue trying to dialogue with others regardless of the back lash.....No one can ever be hater free...No can be perfect as you say.

Great response

Listening to Beck, was like hearing your abusive husband say he's sorry, never going to happen again, as he's beating you senseless.

First he calls Ron Paul supporters "terrorists," now libertarians are "fascists" and he say he's come around? Do you think he's got his terms a bit confused, when did fascist become synonomous with devoted, dedicated, or serious? It's going to take a bit more than a backhanded apology to convince anyone that he's changed, especially considering the succesful mission of these radio personalities in destroying Paul's chance last year of which Beck played a major role. Not to mention his shredding of Medina, wasn't that his fault as well? It's one thing to be against a movement or even to just not understand it, it's another to launch an all out public attack when you're in a position of power and influence. If my liberal and neo-con family members alike were today to say they were embracing libertarianism I would love it and have no suspicions, even knowing how the media had kept them drinking the koolaid, but Beck? Going to take awhile to embrace that.

Never forget

Beck savaged Debra Medina and cost her the Texas Governor's race. His beef was that some of her supporters were truthers. So much for freedom of association/speech.

And not only that, Alex Jones has to go on the warpath on her at the same time. It was almost like they got together and planned the attack.

One of her staffers.

He pointed out that one of her staffers was a "Truther" and because he was, that was it. Forget everything else....one thing, she was eliminated from the possibility of even being considered.