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Help Stop Common Core in Arizona-New Website Presents Truth about Common Core

Hello DP members in Arizona and everywhere else--but specifically Arizona!

This is an announcement of a new informational website which will give you real information about the insidious program called "Common Core," which Arizona (and 48 other states) stupidly "adopted" in 2010.

What is "Common Core" you ask?

Common Core is "No Child Left Behind" on steroids. Common Core is "Race to the Top" on two steroids. Common Core is nothing less than the complete and total nationalization of our school systems--incorporating inferior "standards" which will continue the dumbing-down of our children, a state "longitudinal database" keeping tabs on our children's grades and other personal info, and national standardized testing (replacing the AIMS test with something worse--PARCC and SBAC).

Your esteemed governor (sarcasm) along with superintendent of public instruction seem to think it's just fine and dandy to continue to take money from the Feds to implement such 'great programs' ... because it's "for the children" and will make them "more college ready." Oh, and it's tied directly to Agenda 21.

Here's a new website which has tons of information compiled about Common Core in Arizona so that you can know the truth.


If you are a parent in Arizona you WILL be affected by this--in multiple ways even if you haven't been already.

For people outside Arizona this website will still be very useful to you. If you are a parent anywhere and you don't know what "Common Core" is, you'd better do some research so that you can join the fight to stop it!

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I'm completely against this

I don't like federalization of curricula. I don't like public schools. And I think federal spending on education is unconstitutional.

But, I'm having a real hard time figuring out what's wrong with the common curriculum. Every link about it being bad leads to more links that it's bad without saying HOW it is bad. I've read some of the problems with it, and they simply say the requirements are deficient. States, obviously, can adopt the "common core" as a bare minimum required for the lowest-achieving student. States or localities can increase their own requirements past the core, and obviously should.

The positive buzz about this scheme seems to be that it lets states off the hook for short-changing students and leaving them unprepared for life, but they are "compliant" with the woefully inadequate "standards."

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Go to the website and read ....

It's all on the website :)


At least two of the "validation committee" have testified and continue to testify that the "curriculum" is substandard--and wouldn't sign off on the standards. Video of their testimony is available.

To get the money, AZ (and other states presumably) have to adopt "Common Core" as is--and can add "up to 15%" (whatever that means).