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A knock at the door!

There's a knock at the door!!

But it's late! Real late! It's almost 3a.m.!

You walk down the stairs and you see rustling flashlights at the outside door.


"Mr. Reardon"! "This is the Clark county sheriff's department with Department of Homeland Security", "we know your home, please open up sir, we have a federal warrant".

A federal warrant? for what? Other than being a lawful gun owner, a re-inspired political enthusiast (especially on the internet, man can you let loose!), and maybe contemplating politics to turn this god-awful country around, but that's a back-burner idea.......

You do have your gun in the adjourning office room in the desk, you run over and STOP in the middle of the carpet wondering

1. Time is eerily standing still
2. Adrenaline is very, VERY high right now
3. Should I be getting my gun?

Should I? Do I know its the police? Why is it so late to do this? Is this the round-up that has buzzed around like some nefarious fly bugging you in the back of your mind?

SHIT! You grab the gun anyway, something doesn't add up.

"Mr. Reardon, this is your LAST warning, sir" "Please open up and come on out"!

Well, you think to yourself, they want me to come out? So this means I am going away? No Bueno!!r

You panic, freeze, panic, and freeze, thoughts have dried up like water in a desert, just raw pounding adrenaline, coursing through your body's highways of nerves, almost like hot steam is coursing through, burning muscles and supercharging your attention to the moment at hand.

You actually yell back? Nothing planned, just something else.

"What is this for!?"
Grasping the gun, wondering if this is the last moments of your life....POUND POUND (your heart pushing blood you can FEEL in your head. So visceral.

"Mr. Reardon this is a matter of a Federal Court to handle, please unlock your door and come on out, we don't want to have to resort to forceful measures, remember you do have a family, we just want everyone to remain safe"

SAFE!? why wouldn't they be safe you wondered?

"Mr. Reardon"!....................."Mr. Reardon"!


you hesitate, should I open up? where will I go? What will my family think? I didn't do anything wrong!

(shame, rage, building...dignity and moral innocence evaporating quickly)

You yell out,

"Gentlemen, I think you have made an error" you say.

"No mistake Mr. Reardon, we need you to come with us"

"No, I mean you made an error. You see, tonight you gentlemen came to me asking for two things."

"and what's that Mr. Rearden"? with snide arrogant contempt in the voice

" you guys came here to ask me for your jobs and your lives" "but you see, I can only give you one of them tonight" "you either go home with your lives tonight, forgetting this so called constitutional federal warrant act crap, or you could leave with your job, but I am afraid you won't keep your life"!!!!

You hear more rustling outside but now you can here a few more muffled voices. Soon they get a little louder, are they fighting?

"I told you I didn't want to take part in this, I'm outa here"



Emboldened even more you yell out, "Looks like this is an untenable position for you", "and I think your a disgrace to my country for your actions tonight"..."either come and get me or leave my property"!!!

"Mr. Rearden this isn't over, we will be back with our warrant"....................................

get ready!!!

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PVC storage cache

Look it up, make a bunch. Store them, keep no records of them, and tell NO ONE where they all are. This is only for confiscation. Let what you have on you go. Better to run away and live to fight another day. Organized resistance is better than one man dying in his door way.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

Click Here To See The Candidates On The Record

When they knock at your door,

When they knock at your door, how you gonna come? With your hands on your head or the trigger of your gun ---The Clash

More likely a "no knock" intrusion.

In which case, the entry would be followed by six blasts from a 12 gauge shotgun at close range. Body armor is not likely to stop that, especially if aimed at the head or the crotch. I expect twice as many pieces would go out as came in.

Oh, and the NEXT thing that would go out would be small containers of flammable drain or oven cleaner duct taped to large firecrackers and starting fluid.

Now who is scared? Please stop trying to scare people; the people at the top already know they will not last an hour if this thing starts.

If you do this

your house better be prepared and you better be a damn good shot. Most likely they would come in guns blazing instead of leaving.

Why does everything bad

always happen at 3 am?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Except for in that old Alias song....I need You Now

Remember? " Here I am...at 6 o'clock in the morning...."

It's 3am

I must be lonely.

I know this is serious...BUT

I can't resist...

"At least it isn't the Jehovah's Witnesses!"