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Parasites cooping emerging markets: Russia to continue softening punishment for economic crimes

Russian MPs want to limit on-trial custody in cases of economic crimes, and have an independent judge rule on any custody hearing.

The move is supported by Boris Titov, the ombudsman for entrepreneurs’ rights who spoke in the Lower House on Monday and said that in one particular case in the South Russian city of Rostov the law enforcers “
were breaching one of the basic human rights – the right for reasonable terms of imprisonment after facing charges

”. In Rostov six people are on trial for embezzlement, money laundering, fake entrepreneurship and illegally receiving bank loans. Investigators claim that their actions resulted in 1.3 billion roubles being stolen from the Impeks Bank which is part of the Raiffeisen Bank group.

The six have been in custody since April 2008 despite the maximum term of pre-trial custody is just 18 months. Because their case was forwarded to a court in 2010 there is no limit for the time in custody for suspects who are on trial.

Defense lawyers claim that it took the prosecutors nine months to read the charges and so far only 96 of 250 witnesses have given evidence. One of the suspects attempted to appeal against the unnecessary long imprisonment but the court turned the appeal down saying that the case was too complicated and prolonged the time in custody for all the suspects till April 2013.


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