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FAU sells stadium naming rights to private prison company


Florida Atlantic University is christening its football field GEO Group Stadium, but fans on Twitter have a catchier moniker: 'Owlcatraz'

The Boca Raton school, home of the Owls, sold naming rights to its 29,000-seat stadium to a private prison corporation, a change that has brought the school criticism, controversy and $6 million - the biggest gift ever made to the school's athletic department. GEO Group, a billion-dollar company which operates an immigration center in nearby Pompano Beach, as well as prisons elsewhere in the U.S., South Africa and the United Kingdom, will pay for the honor in $500,000 yearly installments over the next 12 years, University Press, the school’s paper, reported.

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Reminds me of the year slavery died in America


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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