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Is The News Scripted?

Yeah, I know, that's like asking if fire is hot.

Well for those who've never been burned, here's proof that the news burns us all the time. This video is a great wake up tool for those who still incomprehensibly believe in the MSM.

This video will fix em in just 1.5 minutes.


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Check this other Conan O'Brien Clip about the Scripted News


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Big Bump for Conan educating the sheeple.

Informing the people about scripted news is great. Next, it would be even better for him to invite Ron Paul on his show and talk about Liberty!

Conan is the best of the late-nighters, IMO. Under great adversity with his firing from NBC, he performed brilliantly, consistently, and graciously. He divided the $24M contract buy-out settlement with he crew, and he didn't take a penny.

Good find

Sharing on Twitter.

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