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Documentary-Story of Artificial Clouds contrails (28 Min)

Thanks goes to Canada SkyWatch which just posted a new documentary by David Dahl

This link appears to be the origin of the Documentary Credit Given and noted.

Debunkers might go here to help this “Debunker”

Oceano, CA; February 6, 2013 — A documentary video posted to YouTube by an amateur climate researcher has the online world buzzing with a new debate: Do human-made clouds significantly affect the climate?

Skywatcher, a 25-minute presentation about weather modification and climate change, explains that humans are dispersing cloud-seeding chemicals, most commonly silver iodide, into the atmosphere globally for the purpose of increasing precipitation.

According to Dave Dahl, the writer and producer, cloud seeding programs have proliferated across the US and around the world since the invention of silver iodide by Dr. Bernard Vonnegut (brother of the famous author Kurt Vonnegut) in the 1960s, and especially in the last 20 years as water needs continue to increase.

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