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HR 748 Requires All Young Americans to Enlist in a National Service Program

HR 748: Require All Young Americans to Enlist in a National Service Program


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A true statist ...

... loves slavery ... as long as it's called something else.

this is sick

this is sick

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Keep This Ball Goin.

I don't know why this has not been talked about a hell of a lot more here.

I tried to tell everyone here back in July. The time was then and even more so NOW.


Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks


WHAT next? I think I heard this President say he wanted a million man national army years ago. This could lead to SS type police. He and this regime must be stoped soon. GOD help us

Against Who,

What, where, or why?

To my Liberal Trolls:
"Really Don't mind if you sit this one out. Your words but a whisper, your deafness a shout. I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."
Ian Anderson 1972



i just heard this five

i just heard this five minutes ago


Hmmm sounds like Hitler

That started out small and grew to be a national nightmare; all about control. Hitler trained an entire generation of children so that he would have an unending source of trained military might.

NATO-US needs more trained people for the never ending wars all over the globe. Peace is not in the vocabulary of this crowd of elitists who want power, wealth, control, resources.

Soldiers may be replaced by attack drones, and/or this required service might be the preliminary to the draft.


I didn't get to read it but wasn't there something the other

day on DP about loosening the "child soldier" laws in the UN or Obama.. something like that.

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Obama Waives Bush Law Banning Child Soldiers

“I hereby determine that it is in the national interest of the United States to waive the application of the prohibition in section 404(a) of the CSPA [Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008] with respect to Libya, South Sudan, and Yemen… and the issuance of licenses for direct commercial sales of U.S. origin defense articles; and I hereby waive such provisions accordingly.”

Section 404(a) deals with exporting arms to countries that allow child-soldiers.

"With the stroke of a pen, President Obama did two very frightening things:

1. He authorized the United States to sell military weaponry to the nations of Libya, South Sudan, Yemen and Congo.

At a time with such unrest in the world, there is now a very significant chance that American weaponry will soon be delivered to a Yemen and Libyan port.

2. President Obama has undone much of the progress made in the fight against child-soldiers won over the past decade.

Whitehouse document http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/09/28/presid...

You'd think Rangel would

You'd think Rangel would understand that darn 13th amendment! He can kiss my hiney! U.S. Constitution 13th amendment.....Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The Obama Youth!

Where have I heard this before? ....hmmmmmmm

Send All Of Useless Efing Welfare & Food Stamp Receipients

off to war along with his 2 spoiled daughters instead...

Additionally, send all the worthless sons and daughters of Senators and congress people to the front lines toi be Butchered, and burned...

We are not going to fight in anymore efing wars for that communist bastard in the WH.

Isn't this what Switzerland

Isn't this what Switzerland does?

Yeah but that is for the

Yeah but that is for the Swiss to decide as to what they want for their country. This is slavery and there is no other way to define it. Look, if someone feels a personal obligation to serve their country, there are plenty of opportunities for someone to do so. Any person 18-25 can pretty much enlist in the military and they are even accepting crackpots now. There are also other organizations for which one can volunteer. Heck, you can even go down to your local hospital and ask how to help out. At least you can change your mind that way. This would force people into involuntary servitude for a period of two years. Since anyone willing to volunteer doesn't need this bill to permit them to do so, it would only impact those who have no desire to perform national service.

I guess slavery is okay with our government as long as it has a defined start and end time. Maybe Abe Lincoln could have offered the CSA a compromise on slavery by limiting slavery to a two year period. Then we wouldn't have had that bloody war. /sarcasm


The motive is what

makes the difference. I trust the Swiss more than this government.

very bad idea--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

where do we find the interpretation of the proposed H.R.748....

...made by Susan Posel in the link - since there is no TEXT yet available? the content below is definitely worthy of much attention.

Latest Title: To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 25 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or as civilian service in a Federal, State, or local government program or with a community-based agency or community-based entity, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, to provide for the registration of women under the Military Selective Service Act, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Rep Rangel, Charles B. [NY-13] (introduced 2/15/2013) Cosponsors (None)
Latest Major Action: 2/15/2013 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Armed Services. "

Ron Paul ... forever.

meekandmild's picture

It sounds like

"Hail Hitler" type of government.

It's right out of the current

Israeli Dictate, actually.