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Obama's Third Term

Michelle will be the Democratic nominee for 2016.

Why? A few reasons:
1. Obama's 3rd term - stay in the WH for another 4 years
2. Cabinet/staff already in place - Barry as advisor, campaigning on her behalf
3. Campaign infrastructure already in place.
4. Democrats will be able to take credit for the first woman as President AND the first black woman as President. It would be 'historic'.
5. She is largely staying out of the fray (unlike Hillary did in Bill's first term... it took her awhile for people to forget about that)
6. Like the community organizer, her successes are innocuous (...a la "Let's Move")
7. Vehemently denies 2016 run ( http://www.suntimes.com/news/brown/14958681-452/brown-michel... http://www.baracklovesmichelle.com/michelle-obama-in-2016 )
8. Still popular, high visible, press would gush over her: http://www.newsmax.com/Politics/obama-kirk-2016-poll/2012/12...
9. Merchandise already available: http://www.zazzle.com/michelle+obama+2016+gifts?ps=90

Current demokrat voters would have no issues with her lack of experience, being the First Lady would be experience enough in their eyes, she would be unbeatable in the primaries...

What am I missing?

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Great minds think alike... I

Great minds think alike... I should've probably done a search, but I only joined the forums 6 months ago...

It's the only answer the Demokrats have right now... no one has accomplished as much as the Obamas have...

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I think that Obama should have a third term...

I think that Obama should have a third term and he should have to serve it in jail.


I can't find it

but I proposed this scenario almost a year ago.

Ron Paul Was Right