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The Battered Wife Syndrome Streak in the Liberty Movement

It's 3 am and keys are heard fumbling for the lock at the front door. In stumbles the drunken husband with that familiar look in his eye. The concerned wife literally paralyzed with fear, carefully chooses her words as she knows where it has led before. "Where have you been, I've been worried about you" she squeaks. The husband flies into a drunken rage, tearing up the house and spewing vile insults while smacking her across the face before he retires to their bedroom to pass out.

As the battered wife sits on the couch with ice on her face, she recalls the days when they dated, and how he was a good man with noble intentions and values. "If he could only stop drinking" she asks herself. "Maybe if I were a better wife, or tried a little harder things might be different." "Where did I go wrong," is the last thought that passes through her mind before she nods off from exhaustion.

The husband wakes in the afternoon, staggers into the kitchen still half drunk, and sees the wake of destruction he'd left the night before. His wife is at the stove cooking him breakfast and staring into the pan of bacon and eggs, trying not to reveal her black eye. He gently approaches her and slowly raises his hand to caress the side of her face.

"I'm sorry" he whispers.. "You know I've been having a rough time at work. I didn't mean to hurt you my love. Please forgive me. It won't happen again. I'm still learning and growing. I see the light now and new truths have been revealed to me." The wife breaks down crying and throws her arms around him, knowing deep down that the timer on the vicious cycle, has just been reset.

Some people (including myself) in our movement unfortunately have suffered from a lot of the same characteristics that were in the scenario above. Our movement is filled with good people who want to see the best in others, and want the best for themselves and everyone else. We want to believe that the media will some day come around and be that watchdog and whistle blower that they may have been in the past. We crave truth, transparency, accountability, and stability. We want our elected officials to stand on principle rather than for personal or monetary gain. We want them to honor the promises they made in the beginning when they were initially courting us.

The simple fact is that like alcohol, money, power, and control can be equally if not more addictive. The perpetrators in the corrupt media and Government will say or do whatever they have to, to keep that addiction fed and their jobs secure. In some cases they are like the battered wife, too scared to speak out for fear of losing their income or superficial status they've gained. In others it's just a case of being drunk on power and sick to begin with. They revel in the suffering of others and have no remorse. They feed off the innocence of children and laugh at the ignorance of the populace.

It is time for some in the liberty movement to wake up and look in the mirror. How many times are we going to be smacked in the face by these characters like Beck, Levin, and Limbaugh? Politicians and pundits alike, all try to slink up and caress our cheeks when they think it is safe, but will turn right back around and backhand us when the time comes to feed their addiction and feather their nests. They all have one thing in common, which is trying to maintain your trust so they can keep abusing you.

It is the age old fable of the scorpion and the frog. They sting you because it is in their nature. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The problem now is that the house of cards along with trust in these individuals is crumbling. They are going to say whatever they can to try and keep or regain your trust.

I'm all for holding out a sliver of hope that some of these individuals will wake up, wander off the reservation and start blowing the whistle, but I am not going to automatically throw my arms around them because they are now claiming to "see the light" while holding out phony apologies. Especially after all of the warnings we have given them in the past. Ignorance is only an excuse for so long.

It's time to get out of this sick relationship IMO. It's time to find common ground with fellow Americans (battered wives)who have been taught to be pitted against us and expose the men behind the curtain, as well as the ones on stage doing their bidding. It's time to try and build bridges with the police and military so they know we are on the same side. It's either that, or they're going to have to pick a side.

We outnumber them. Right now, we have the power of the internet to spread information and plant seeds in so many places like never before. That is probably going to come to an end or be restricted heavily at some point. It's time to start focusing on yourselves and your loved ones and bracing for impact. I'm afraid that the cancer is too far advanced and it's only a matter of time.

You can write me off as cynical or uncaring, but I've become wise to the abuse. How many times are we going to reach out and touch the stove to realize once again that it's hot?

It's either time to bug out, or bunker down. There is a storm on the horizon, and all we can do is manage what is in our sphere of influence. We may not be able to stop the storm, but we can do what we can to try and survive it and rebuild afterward. Part of that preparation, is mustering the courage to stand against those who have been taking advantage of our good nature for far too long.

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thank you for sharing these "anecdotes of abuse"

...they can be added to one's own.

Libertarians are not victims, and the more sibling solidarity there is among us and others who have visions of saving this country, the less victimized we feel.

no mas! NO MAS! BASTA! works well for all oppressor states.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Not everyone who has been fooled in the past breaks the cycle.

One need look no further for an example of that than the posts today where people are getting sucked in again by Glenn Beck's apology/appeal to libertarians.

If the domestic abuse analogy to illustrate the cycle is not to your liking, perhaps this one will get the point across. It is a Peanuts clip where Charlie Brown lets Lucy sucker him in AGAIN into trying to kick the football that she is going to pull away.


As for your statement below suggesting that Jefferson was likening ALL libertarians to the woman in the story, you must've misread, because he did not say "ALL", he said "for SOME in the liberty movement"(bold emphasis mine).

One last point.

This is not meant to offend, just to clarify.

The reason that this analogy bothers me, is that abused woman unlike the original posters target are not being duped.

Beaten women are not 'fooled' into staying they are TERRORIZED into staying. And unless you understand that basic truth you will likely not understand why this analogy offends those of us who lived it.

That's it. I did not come to join a forum, or even trade insults with trolls, I paid my 'fee' so I could express the utter and profound disdain I have for what I believe is the trivialization of something very personal to me.

Reply if you want, I don't generally post in forums and I am done posting here, you will not get a response.


You're right that terror is a factor, but often so is duping.

("Give me another chance." "No one else will want you." "I promise I'll never hit you again." "I'll go thru rehab." "I'll stop drinking." "You won't make it without me." "He's not drinking as much as he was." "I'm trying." blah, blah, blah...)

I was in an abusive situation myself, so I understand your sensitivity. I've also been surrounded by others' cruel physical and psychological abusive situations. Terror and duping played a part.

In the political arena and from those who court the liberty movement, we've seen both duping and terrorizing, be it physical and/or psychological. Just ask some of the delegates who have been assaulted or had illegal items planted in their hotel rooms.

Uncomfortable as it may be, what Jefferson described has been the plight of many. And while what he described may not mirror your particular situation or mine or that of many others to a tee, he was not trivializing, but rather trying to wake people up with the analogy.

One thing I'd like to add to what Jefferson said, though, is about a coping mechanism that I see among some in the liberty movement. Besides denial or hope that things will somehow be different this time, I've seen a disturbing parallel in that abuse victims sometimes convince themselves they're outsmarting (or going to outsmart) the abuser, or that they're actually using them instead, or that they are getting the upper hand, when clearly they are not.

I've seen that first hand in a domestic abuse situation of a friend of the family (where the male was actually the victim), and I see it now among some in the liberty movement.

The bottom line is that those caught up in the cycle of abuse would do well to recognize it and break free. Until they do, it's not likely going to stop.

Best wishes and peace to you as well.

Jefferson's picture


only did you help clarify my point, you added another aspect that equally as important. Your input as a strong intelligent woman who has had personal experience with my analogy adds a great deal to this discussion. It's unfortunate that some are getting lost in the minutia and not seeing the overall picture.
We thought we were going to "outsmart" them in Tampa, but they just went to a whole new level of disgusting behavior. Not only that, but they changed the rules midstream to prevent us from ever trying it again.

"The bottom line is that those caught up in the cycle of abuse would do well to recognize it and break free. Until they do, it's not likely going to stop."

That is the essence right there. My main point was for people to start focusing on their own health and survival, build bridges with others, and not be so swayed by the empty rhetoric of those who are trying to win our trust back. Many of us have sacrificed a great deal of time effort and money trying to make changes only to be backhanded in the end.

Thanks for taking the time to try and help me out here. I know if you felt I was out of line, you'd hold me accountable as well.

I agree,

with your Charley Brown analogy. That was the point of my rant, that there were other analogies which would show libertarians have been duped, which are far better suited than the one he used.

I then stated why I did not like it for very deeply intense personal reasons. This was my opinion, open for mature debate posted as it was on a public forum.

The unnecessary wrangling that ensued from the troll who basically attacked me without understanding my post was not really the point of my post at all.

I appreciate your rational response.

ecorob's picture

Your post was a waste of time...

Not seeing the analogy distorts the message.

Of course, that is your intent.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Admit it, you are an idiot!

Troll! The analogy was offensive to me for the reasons I stated, there is no ulterior motive you tin-foil hat wearing freak.

Next time you characterize a person as a shill you might want to ask them their politics. I'm a conservative and have no reason to dilute any so-called liberty message.

I do however as a Patriot have a vested interest in making sure that those who post on our behalf do so with a certain amount of aplomb, since a muddled message ruins our credibility.

And by the way if reading my post wasted your time then why are you wasting it further to post about it?

Yeah, that's right because you are a moron.

ecorob's picture

You can spout off all you like but, guess what...

You are in a very small minority!

What does that tell you?

Nothing. Because you are not smart enough to close your mouth and open your ears.

It takes all kinds to make up a world. Think about it.

Its not about me and its not about you...its about oppression of the weak, those less able to defend themselves against tyranny.

You missed that somewhere, didn't you?

Or, where you just trying to hide it?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Sheeple is as Sheeple does,

Forrest! Only one of us has mentioned whether or not his is the minority or majority viewpoint and that is you.

Know why? Go ahead you can guess, that's right because only one of us needs to believe his viewpoint is only valid if it's the majority held opinion and that is you.

So congratulations that officially makes you a sheep.

ecorob's picture

I just read the numbers, bro!

Its easy to believe the truth.

Go stand in your minority corner. You have that right. You have the right to have your say, too.

I can't help it if very few people agree with you.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Lol its so obvious that

Lol its so obvious that you're a sheep now. Plain as day... plus i want to see the poll numbers that show whos in the majority herr.

ecorob's picture

I'm not talking about fake poll numbers...

I'm talking about the red and the blue real time numbers right here. Like, the red ones next to your post.

You know, the ones you are ignoring. Its just another example of you not seeing the forest for the trees.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

For all we know its Jon with

For all we know its Jon with a bot or the NSA voting... seriously. Not to mention, the couple people who agreed with you by clicking could be 12 y/o.

You're Tearing Me Apart!


Tweeting occasionally as his best friend @cracky4prez on the twitter.

Well Patrick fucking Henry,

you are not!

You are so full of shit it would take a semi full of toilet paper to wipe your ass. Fighting oppression what the hell do you know about oppression?

My story is about oppression and overcoming it you shit, what the hell have you ever done but post dimwitted arguments to the web to make yourself look good?

You are not even smart enough to understand my post, if you think I sided with the bully?!!

You are a walking advertisement for Thorazine, people like you need to find something better to do than jump all over posts you are not even clever enough to grasp.

ecorob's picture

Wow. You feel better now?

You still haven't made any valid points but you do skirt the issue very well.

How many times must I remind you that its not about me?

As you continue to attack me for labeling you as insincere you prove my point.

You don't get it. I understand that. Its OK. Not everyone gets it. Take a deep breath, keep trying, you'll be OK if you stay here long enough.

Did you say this was your first time posting? Wow. You need help.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

You're a loser ecorob. I get

You're a loser ecorob. I get the feeling that you have someone special that you abuse at home.

ecorob's picture

Typical idiot.

Continue to ignore the message and attack the messenger.

The message lives while you will pass. Have fun in your next life as a fly in a pond full of frogs.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

You don't have a point ass

You don't have a point ass wad. you're attacking an abuse victim for being sensitive. Youre a prick and a bully.

You are dense!

Valid points? Are you reading any of this? Is English your second language? The only person not making valid points is you.

jefferson likes to make it personal

he probably read your posts somewhere in a dark corner, quietly observing, then he sees something you post arousing some analogy in him, something perhaps he personally went through or somehow formed prejudice of, that he feels he can use to disparage you, then he proceed to speak. kind of a scary thought, to imagine. last time i checked single family households were like what, good 1/3+ of american society? few of them have family issues, but the few stories come to form hollywood scripts and scenes inside of people's heads. talk about living in fantasies. hard to tell a dog to stop licking itself, habit is a powerful thing, so are thought tendencies.

ecorob's picture

No, he doesn't...

You do. And the twist is a tired, worn trick.

Get a life and come back when you have something to add to the discourse.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I am a newposter here.

That was my first post at the Daily Paul, so no he did not get the idea from me, and from his post I'd say he did not get it from experience either.

ecorob's picture

your first post was a bad one...

You only have one way to go, though, thats the good news.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Don't stop there.

If you got something intelligent to say then by all means say it.

You don't have to like my post, writing is after all subjective. However if you are going to say it was bad then at least speak up and give a halfway intelligible reason, otherwise you are just blowing hot air.

ecorob's picture


Your very first post on the DP is a negative reply to an objective, analogous, and hypothetical story about how people feel trapped in oppression.

How could anyone find fault in that?

How, indeed. You are not one of us. Go away. Find strength in the bully. We will bury you, too.

That good enough for you?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Why are you flaming her? Why

Why are you flaming her? Why do you care so much?

Yes that's good enough,

..to establish that your viewpoint is irrelevant and vacuous, showing ultimately that you understand little of the emotion behind the post nor the analogy itself.

You say my post was negative? As opposed to what the original analogy? If that was an upbeat message, then you need to stay off your meds.

The analogy used in the original post was demeaning to libertarians, suggesting that we are all in some apathetic stupor unable to break the cycle of abuse. And you think that was a positive message? Gee why hasn't the Magic Kingdom snapped you right up?

I find fault because unlike you I have lived the real deal and know there is a difference between an abused woman and a libertarian voter who was defrauded by a corrupt politician.

And making that point is not a waste of time, unless it's to a person like you who has to have every thing spelled out for you.

ecorob's picture

uhhh, hello?

It was for, and about, the sheeple that can't get out of the house and not YOU.

Jesus, man, wtfu!

Its not about you. When are you gonna get over that?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.