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The Battered Wife Syndrome Streak in the Liberty Movement

It's 3 am and keys are heard fumbling for the lock at the front door. In stumbles the drunken husband with that familiar look in his eye. The concerned wife literally paralyzed with fear, carefully chooses her words as she knows where it has led before. "Where have you been, I've been worried about you" she squeaks. The husband flies into a drunken rage, tearing up the house and spewing vile insults while smacking her across the face before he retires to their bedroom to pass out.

As the battered wife sits on the couch with ice on her face, she recalls the days when they dated, and how he was a good man with noble intentions and values. "If he could only stop drinking" she asks herself. "Maybe if I were a better wife, or tried a little harder things might be different." "Where did I go wrong," is the last thought that passes through her mind before she nods off from exhaustion.

The husband wakes in the afternoon, staggers into the kitchen still half drunk, and sees the wake of destruction he'd left the night before. His wife is at the stove cooking him breakfast and staring into the pan of bacon and eggs, trying not to reveal her black eye. He gently approaches her and slowly raises his hand to caress the side of her face.

"I'm sorry" he whispers.. "You know I've been having a rough time at work. I didn't mean to hurt you my love. Please forgive me. It won't happen again. I'm still learning and growing. I see the light now and new truths have been revealed to me." The wife breaks down crying and throws her arms around him, knowing deep down that the timer on the vicious cycle, has just been reset.

Some people (including myself) in our movement unfortunately have suffered from a lot of the same characteristics that were in the scenario above. Our movement is filled with good people who want to see the best in others, and want the best for themselves and everyone else. We want to believe that the media will some day come around and be that watchdog and whistle blower that they may have been in the past. We crave truth, transparency, accountability, and stability. We want our elected officials to stand on principle rather than for personal or monetary gain. We want them to honor the promises they made in the beginning when they were initially courting us.

The simple fact is that like alcohol, money, power, and control can be equally if not more addictive. The perpetrators in the corrupt media and Government will say or do whatever they have to, to keep that addiction fed and their jobs secure. In some cases they are like the battered wife, too scared to speak out for fear of losing their income or superficial status they've gained. In others it's just a case of being drunk on power and sick to begin with. They revel in the suffering of others and have no remorse. They feed off the innocence of children and laugh at the ignorance of the populace.

It is time for some in the liberty movement to wake up and look in the mirror. How many times are we going to be smacked in the face by these characters like Beck, Levin, and Limbaugh? Politicians and pundits alike, all try to slink up and caress our cheeks when they think it is safe, but will turn right back around and backhand us when the time comes to feed their addiction and feather their nests. They all have one thing in common, which is trying to maintain your trust so they can keep abusing you.

It is the age old fable of the scorpion and the frog. They sting you because it is in their nature. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The problem now is that the house of cards along with trust in these individuals is crumbling. They are going to say whatever they can to try and keep or regain your trust.

I'm all for holding out a sliver of hope that some of these individuals will wake up, wander off the reservation and start blowing the whistle, but I am not going to automatically throw my arms around them because they are now claiming to "see the light" while holding out phony apologies. Especially after all of the warnings we have given them in the past. Ignorance is only an excuse for so long.

It's time to get out of this sick relationship IMO. It's time to find common ground with fellow Americans (battered wives)who have been taught to be pitted against us and expose the men behind the curtain, as well as the ones on stage doing their bidding. It's time to try and build bridges with the police and military so they know we are on the same side. It's either that, or they're going to have to pick a side.

We outnumber them. Right now, we have the power of the internet to spread information and plant seeds in so many places like never before. That is probably going to come to an end or be restricted heavily at some point. It's time to start focusing on yourselves and your loved ones and bracing for impact. I'm afraid that the cancer is too far advanced and it's only a matter of time.

You can write me off as cynical or uncaring, but I've become wise to the abuse. How many times are we going to reach out and touch the stove to realize once again that it's hot?

It's either time to bug out, or bunker down. There is a storm on the horizon, and all we can do is manage what is in our sphere of influence. We may not be able to stop the storm, but we can do what we can to try and survive it and rebuild afterward. Part of that preparation, is mustering the courage to stand against those who have been taking advantage of our good nature for far too long.

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Nui. I don't know how "wise" I am, other than being a wiseass sometimes...;)
I didn't expect this to be front paged, and certainly didn't expect for so many to miss the point. I guess I should finish my coffee BEFORE attempting to write.