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Another open letter to Glenn Beck


These are my opinions and mine alone. I do not speak for anyone else. I respect the opinions and thoughts of others, even if they contrast from my own. And that goes a 100 fold for people on this particular forum (DailPaul).

I respect the fact that you are trying to reach out and have a dialogue with wider audience. If genuine, I think that makes you a better person then most of the talking heads in the media like limbough, levin and hannity. Not to insult you, but many of us believe you are no different then those individuals. Since individual is the key word in many libertarian discussions, I will not put you in a group with them and listen to what you have to say as an individual. Many believe this out reach of yours is just for personal gain or to appease your "masters". I have no idea if that is true or not. I hope not, but I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. You say you want to meet at the constitution and that is good enough for me to hear what you have to say. I for one didn't come to liberty overnight. It would be hypocritical of me to say it's impossible for someone like you to have a change of heart. I have a couple points of advice if you wish for Libertarians to engage with you in a worth while and meaningful dialogue.

1.) don't call people nazi's for having strong opinions for starters. I realize you maybe hurt, or unhappy about the things said. I realize that the name calling comes from both sides. But you are the one in the spot light. It has to be you that finds a way to get past the nonsense. No it's not fair. But it is what it is. I am not saying don't speak your mind, but leave the name calling out from this point on. Yes, people will still be abusive to you. You have to come to terms with the fact that you won't win everyone over. But many like myself will at least be willing to listen to what you have to say. And that is a start. The reality is, if people want to believe it or not, is that we have more in common then differences. It has to be you that engages your audience with our ideas, and visa versa. And it has to be done in civil way without being condescending. Even on topics that you think are outrageous.

2.) you need to invite and have discussions with people that many libertarians respect. The following people come to mind. I know you and some of these people may have traded words on the blogsphere, but time to get over that...Not just you, but on both sides.

Ron Paul
Tom Woods
Lew Rockwell
Stefan Molyneux
Adam Kokesh
Peter Schiff
Bob Murphy
even Alex Jones
(there are many more but here is a good start which covers a large spectrum)

Penn Jillete is great, but he doesn't really represent all libertarians. Having Judge Nap on was HUGE. We both know Libertarians are made of many different kinds of people. You really have to let all the ideas be heard at the table.

3) You have to start opening up to the idea that there are forces at work here to keep us divided. Call it NWO, Elitism, globalism, socialism or what ever the common names for this presence are. These issues are not a figment of our imaginations. This needs to be discussed and put out there. There are many of us that have strong convictions about topics such as 9/11. People don't just believe in "conspiracy theories" because they think they are cool or because they just want to go against the system. NO, people believe in conspiracies because there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to back those claims. All we want is the truth. A real investigation. Why is that so wrong? 9/11 is just one example.

4) What is going on with this sick love affair between Christians and zionists? Zionists don't even like Jesus. Haven't you seen the TV ads played in Israel making fun of Jesus? Are they really our friends? Do real friends ask for more money when they know you are already broke and are struggling to pay your mortgage? If you want to bring Libertarians together, then you need to open up to the idea that Isreal may not necessarily be our friend. You have to open up to the idea that the zionist lobby machine does not have the interest of Americans on their agenda. And even if Isreal was a worthwhile friend, We are broke! We can't afford to buy all our friends lunch anymorem and we never should have in the first place. Israel is made up smart and very capable people. They don't need us. The people in power there are sick with power just like our politicians. The people in power there are not necessarily representative of its people, just like our own politicians. As explained to you by Judge Nap, the non-aggression principal is at the core of our beliefs. Our country's aggressive behaviour in the middle east often seems to involve Israel in one way or another. This is a hot topic that cannot be dismissed or ignored. We are not afraid of some tyrannical Muslim leaders that want to dominate the world and set up some kind of crazy khalifa. And the neocons call us conspiracy theorist? Be it true or not, we are not afraid of them. This is the biggest "conspiracy theory" of all time if you ask me. This needs to be discussed! Besides, if you want a 3rd party chance, you know for a fact we will be up against the AIPAC and very powerful zionist backed lobbies, corporations etc...They will throw billions at the democrats and neocons and do everything they can to extinguish 3rd party chances just like they already have been doing. You need to bring more awareness to this.

FYI the neoconish, establishment republican co-host on your show REALLY REALLY ANNOYS the CRAP out of me. Not saying his voice should not be heard, he deserves to be heard. I just wanted to put my opinion of him out there. That is all.

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Glenn Beck's co-host is Pat Gray and Steve (Stu) Burguiere.

Pat Gray is the Ron Paul hater and huge douche.

Steve just goes with the flow and parrots talking points the others have said. He doesn't add anything insightful to the conversation.