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The Hour is Late-what will you do to prepare?

Fishy and Mark are remarkable people, willing to reach out and teach others.

Most of us are unwilling to tackle projects that we know nothing about. It takes determination to learn about the subject and resourcefulness to succeed.

We should ALL be planning our path to food independence and survival in poor economic conditions.

The hour is late--what will you do to prepare?
What will it take to motivate you to get started?

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My plan is simple:

My sleeping cot is most likely reserved for me at the local fema camp. From there, I will spread the wise words of Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Judge Nap, Peter Schiff, and Liberty, and finally get thunderous applause of agreement. Then my work will be almost done :-)

For those of you who vote this down, do not worry, I will not really be eating or boarding for free - I am certain that I will be slaving 15 hours per day. I would never think of being a burden to you all, lol ;-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I guess we are prepared more than some,

but less than I would like, but we have had our own depression, and we seem to be making it, without govt help of any kind. 37 gorgeous acres with trees too, heat and cook with wood, off grid, solar lights, enough for my laptop too, and an occasional video to watch, and sewing machine, washing machine too. Lots of deer, antelope, and elk to eat. Trying now to shoot a coyote that stole 4 of my chickens. Apple, pear, peach, and apricot trees, and grapevines. If we had a solar well, instead of using generator to fill the cistern, we would have it made. But, with what is coming, and we are getting old, we want to sell it to be near family, as we don't want to face what is coming alone. But, if we did, we would change whatever we buy to solar and do the same stuff, as we like it, cooking and heating with wood, having chickens, eating game, etc.

A well bucket

May come in handy if you don't have fuel for the generator. https://www.lehmans.com/p-1384-lehmans-own-galvanized-well-b...

OMG - You are going to make me confess, aren't you?

SO, I woke up with no power this morning. Mind you, I'm feeling pretty smug, "prep" wise. About 50 yards out my front door is a 150+ degree hot spring, just a gusher. I will not freeze this winter.... hehehe. And I won't get thirsty, that spring ain't going to freeze either.... hehehe.

But you know what? That spring is a LONG DAMN WAYS at 3:00 AM on no coffee. I had ONE 16 ounce bottle of water. And, ONE lighter that (of course) was dead by 6:00 AM. I did get a candle lit before it died, but when 11:30 rolled around and I was still without power, I thought I'd go sit it out in the pool, and blew out my candle. Well... the pool was not open, so I came back and wanted a cigarette. I dug around, I KNOW there is a lighter or matches here somewhere... Nothing. I found my magnesium flint, cool little gadget. Even cooler if you know how to make it work. I'll be getting a lesson on that tonight...
So, just yesterday, I watched this video - only posted the day before:
Well, I have plenty of batteries around here, but I roll my own cigarettes and do not chew gum. Seriously... I was just about to climb the walls when the power came on and I was able to light my cigarette like the good trailer trash I am - on the toaster. LOL!
I've been calling myself "Mis-Prepared" all morning.
Seriously, it was a good wake up call. On the big picture, we're doing pretty well, generator, well, hundreds of gallons of water, lifetime collection of wilderness camping gear including water filters, emergency stoves... all at the farm. And you know, without water and matches, there is no pretending you are at all prepared. I am Mis-Prepared today... and finding this thread just has me ROLLING - what timing!
HUGS for the kind words, and I hope folks will realize that if even a ditz like me can get this going, surely ANYONE can do it.
We got some REALLY exciting news last night too. The next dome may be coming together a lot sooner than we expected.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Time to learn plumbing

And get a ts4000 set-up.

What is

a ts4000? I have lots of knowledge of everyday living as they did in the olden days, as I have been there, done that, but I am not good with new technology.

It's the handiest blowtorch head ever made

Lights fireplaces and cigarettes with gusto.

I'm set up at the farm.

Generator and Brumby pump, and I DO know how to run a bucket if it comes to that - lol! I'm just taking a winter off, staying in town by this hot spring and as I said, WAS feeling pretty smug...
Now I know how to use that flint, too. Feeling pretty sheepish... lol!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I have one of those flint thingies somewhere-------

If I remember right, you scrape some of the stuff off and then strike a spark to ignite it? Right?

But I have quite a few boxes of matches and some barbecue lighters that will be used first!

Would Aluminum foil work?

(instead of a gum wrapper) I wonder--

I think you need the foil backed paper

The foil conducts the charge, the paper ignites.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I have one kerosene lamp in every room in the house--

During our before Christmas family gathering the electricity went out, and we gathered and lit ALL of them, plus 8 or 10 candles. A candlelit dinner is cool, but opening gifts with candles and kerosene lanterns---not cool!
In years past I was so happy to have an old wood kitchen range, matches, AND the ability to start a fire and cook on it. A looonng wait for the coffee to perk, though.

Solar generator and a kuerig

I believe in being prepared to continue living with a semblance of style. I expect k-cups to be as valuable as gold ;)

IMO, you can't beat the flavor of Campfire Coffee!

Just boil the grounds in water over a fire, let it cool slightly to let the grounds settle, and pour. Chewing the grounds that didn't settle is the same as eating the chocolate covered coffee bean you get at the espresso stand!



What would the Founders do?