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Iran sentences 4 to death in biggest bank fraud case


Well, I guess we see the real problem with Iran's government. What do you call 4 bankers in front of firing squads...?

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One country, who's bankers schemed and hurt its economy, sentences said bankers to death.

Another country, who's bankers do the same and worse, gives them a $700 Billion bonus.

So, who's crazy again?

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I can just see it now...

Hey Iran, let the Federal Reserve and other "legitimate" central banks come to your rescue. Just let us take over control of your banking system and everything will be so much better. Trust us. Look how well it has worked for the rest of the world!


Its messed up that I have

Its messed up that I have more respect for the Iranian government that I do for the American government sometimes. They tend to speak the truth(and are called crazy for it). Most of the time from what they say at least they come down on the side of moral right. By no means do I approve of them....I am just saying they have a better justice system when it comes down to banking...according to sharia law fractional banking and usury both are illegal. When I was working in Kuwait it was rather bizzare....everyone here uses credit cards...etc, except for major hotel chains like the hilton and other similarly globalized businesses I saw no cards there...it was almost 100% cash based. I mean they had banks and ATMs just like us...but they were only used to store money...if you wanted to buy something you drew out cash and used it directly. It was a rather enlightening time for me seeing how dependent on electronic currency and its paper trail we have become.

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Correct justice, but in the wrong country.

The bankers in Iran are small potatoes compared the others who are still on the loose.

I'd call it

A good start.