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LYNX Seagull 75 DIY Plans - a really cool little windmill


I've been watching this guy tinker with this for a long time, he finally has it where he wants it and is sharing the plans. This is a really amazing little windmill, perfect for our situation. We just want to take advantage of the wind we get, not make it a primary energy source. Trouble is, we get wind up to 60 MPH pretty frequently, so most conventional windmills just would not work and are huge and so much more money than we can justify. We're going to give this thing a try one of these days. If anyone else builds one faster, I'd love to hear about your results.

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Thank for sharing looks

Thank for sharing looks interesting. I know in the past this type of windmill has been deemed to inefficient as opposed to a traditional propeller type to be really useful sounds like he feels they have over come that problem.

I do see they have gone to an alternator that will charge at slower speeds that is good. Look forward to researching this more. They want $45 for the DIY plans.

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