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Where is my Daily Paul app?

I figured, since I access the Daily Paul and other news sites from my IPhone, it would be great to have a Daily Paul app. I would even pay up to $1.99 for it, if it was designed good and didnt have ads. :) just a thought

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here ya go...

close as you can get without really knowing how to make an app...


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dont forget the android users

We access mobile too!

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Download Feedly! Amazing

Download Feedly! Amazing app.

Add the RSS feed for all of your fave sites and voila! You have a self made news magazine, with only the content you want, and in an awesome and presentable Android format. I have Daily Paul, Tom Woods, Glenn Greenwald, Zero Hedge, The Burning Platform, Lew Rockwell, and a few select others. Comes with an awesome widget too.

Feedly is the shit.