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Senators near deal for private sales of firearms

Just found out the senate is nearing a deal on private firearm sales registration. I posted a list of the senators leading the charge at Libertarian Mafia

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So much for Jeff Flake

So much for Jeff Flake ........ uh .... I mean "McStain, Jr."

Google their home addresses or nearest...

campaign headquarters. Believe me, a few thousand hits reported to them by Homeland Security will give them pause before acting rashly.

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I notice

Joe Manchin is listed twice. As he is the junior senator, I'm betting, Jay Rockefeller should be listed in one of those spots.

Thanks for the info. I'll spread the word around here.

Thanks, wrote it in a hurry.

Thanks, wrote it in a hurry.

There's my Senator

at the top of the list being his douchbag self as usual. Prick.

Makes you long for